What To Do During a Home Invasion - Home Security Tips

We’ve been looking at different ways on how to avoid intruders, but what do you do when it happens to you? What can you do? Sometimes, even having security cameras in plain sight does not deter away someone from force entering your home. It can be a terrifying situation, and sometimes it feels like there is no way to prepare for if the situation does arise. Still, there are some essential tips and procedures that you could use in case your household is in an intrusion situation.

While there are many ways to turn your home intruder proof, it’s essential to have the tools available on hand if the situation does occur.

Install security cameras

If someone is entering your home, security cameras like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera will use the PIR sensor to start recording video footage. Through this, you will be able to get recorded footage to share with local authorities and identify the person trying to entire your home. With 1080p HD footage and night vision, it will be an easier process to use this footage to identify the intruder. If you have these cameras set up, during the intrusion, you can even check the live feed to know when the intruders are leaving.  Setting up security cameras indoors and around the perimeter of your house is ideal for making sure you can catch the person entering your home from any angle.

Wireless Outdoor Camera - Home Invasion Tips

Make a plan and practice it with your family.

Having a plan with your children and family of what to do and how to react is one of the best ways to prepare in this situation. This plan can include many things like making a plan of all the precautions you want to take, who is in charge of calling local authorities, what room will be the designated safe room to hide in etc. 

This safe plan includes: 

    • Naming a room in the house as a safe room that your family can hide in during the invasion. If an intruder comes into your home, it could be dangerous to seek them out and approach them, so placing your family in a room that locks from the inside can ensure this may not happen. It’s always wise to have a backup safety room in case the intruder is located in the safe room already.
    • Once you and your family know the intruder is in the home, gather your children as safely and quietly as possible and go to the safe room with an escape outlet (like a window). It’s recommended most by police and local authority organizations that being in a safe room is the best option and to engage as a last resort. 
    • Keep your phone nearby in case of an emergency. When calling the police, leave the phone hidden in the safe room to record the conversation or have someone in the closet talking to dispatch. If you are hidden in the safe room, and the intruder comes into the room, the conversation can still be recorded as the phone is on and available near you. Wireless security cameras like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera offers an emergency phone call through the Toucan app for quick and easy access to the police as well. The Toucan app also features a siren button that you can use to sound an alarm, so the intruder may leave immediately knowing someone is alerted they are in the home. Even if you think the intruder has left or you watched them leave your property on your doorbell camera or security camera live feed, it is best to stay hidden until the police arrive in case there is a second intruder in the house.

Wireless Security Cameras - Home Invasion Tips

If you do become engaged with an intruder: 

  • Don’t yell, “I’ve called the police!” because the intruder most likely leave and the police will come to the property without being able to catch the intruder. If you are yelling throughout the house, this will also give away the location you are in and the safe room. The best tip is to get your family, take them all into the safe room, and do not search for the intruder’s location.
  • If the intruder is attempting to come into the safe room, you can let them know the police have been notified if you are alone.
  • If the intruder comes into the safe room with your family, avoid eye contact, do not be aggressive, and remain calm and cooperative as much as you can until authorities arrive.
What to do during a home invasion - - Home Invasion Tips

Overall things to teach your household:

  • Create an intruder and escape plan
  • Explain and practice this plan with your family
  • Teach rules about letting in strangers or interacting with them at the door.
  • If you sense an intruder, go into the planned safe room, stay quiet and remain there until it’s clear authorities arrive. 
  • Use your home security systems like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera and Wireless Video Doorbell to monitor your home every day.

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