Toucan Smart App Update - 2.3.1

At Toucan Smart Home, we are always looking for more ways to update our app to make sure it is matching and meeting needs of the consumer. Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera and Wireless Video Doorbell had a some update over the past week to the app and the firmware to add new feature, make room for improvements in the feature and fix bugs.

Here are the latest updates from the 2.3.1 App Release:

1. New settings look

Toucan Smart Home App Update for Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Outdoor Camera

For easier navigation and better user experience, the Toucan "Setting" tab got a makeover to showcase each option better and more clearly for the user. This new look also include icons to better communicate what each option to help the user find what they are looking for quickly.

2. New live chat option within the app

Toucan Smart Home App - Live Chat

If you need any assistance with your product or if you're struggling to use the app, the app is now connected with our live chat option. With the live chat, you can connect with someone on our customer service for live assistance to help manage your product, app or account. 

To get to this live chat, click the "?" in the left hand corner of your Toucan app and then click "Live Chat" to open the chat box. 

3. New In-App Album 

Toucan Smart Home App - See your Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Outdoor Recordings in App

There is now a In-app Album for all your live feed stored recordings and snapshots! When you're on the live feed of your wireless video doorbell or wireless outdoor camera, there are two buttons that allow you to take manual recordings or screenshots. These recordings and screenshots originally went to your phone album but will now be available in Settings under the Toucan Smart Home app under "Album."

4. Toucan Smart Home Shop now in the app

Shop in the Toucan Smart Home App


Within the Toucan Settings, you can now click "Shop" that opens up to our website products so you are able to expand your smart home within the app! 

In addition, there were several bug fixes for different situations that some users were experiencing. We will continue to update and provide more information on the upcoming updates to further understand the app and your home security device. If you have questions, please reach out to us and we will always works to help find a solution.

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