How to Give Your Home Security a Tune Up

If you have a home security system set up, you're on the right track to securing your home. When you install and set up your wireless outdoor camera or wireless video doorbell, you might think that the job is done and you can relax a little bit. But what steps can you do after the installation to make sure your home security stays strong? We've outlined some steps to make sure your home security continues to be safe and additional tips to consider to fine tune your home security every few months.

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1. Audit your Wireless Outdoor Cameras and Wireless Video Doorbell

If you have a security system set up in your home, no matter how long you have the cameras, you should check in with the product and make sure you have all the features you want set up properly. With new app updates coming out or firmware update, make sure they are all up to date and you've taken advantage of the new features. Going through your settings on the device and confirming that all your settings are where you want them to be is a great way to reinforce your home security to your liking. If your doorbell camera or outdoor camera company has plans that allow additional features with a monthly fee like the Toucan Shield Plans, this would be a good time to look at the other plans that are offered to see if your current plan is working for you or if you would like to update to another plan that has the features you want to secure your home better.

2. Create an Emergency Plan

It's important to be prepared and have systems in your home to prevent a burglary or home invasion from happening. But what would you do if a security or safety emergency does happen? Having an emergency plan can detail different things including what each person in the household will do, where to hide (or if you hide), who to call, what do for against smoke/fires and more depending on what members of your household decide. Having this emergency plan and reviewing it every few months can be helpful to reinforce your home safety values as well. 

In addition, having wireless outdoor cameras or wireless video doorbells installed in your home is a great way to see a disaster before you experience it.

Lighting to up your smart home

3. Get your home lighting in order

When you're away from your home and the lights are off for a long period of time, unfortunately, someone might notice and see this an as opportunity to strike on your home. To make sure your home is safe when you're away, using smart lighting and smart bulbs can help make it look like someone is home by lights turning on automatically on certain intervals. Through an app on your phone, you're able to manage these times and turn the lights on and off while you're available to prevent anyone from suspecting that the home is vacant.

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4.  Prioritize your yard maintenance

The look of your front lawn matters and not just to impress your neighbors or comply with your HOA. When burglars are looking for a home, they assume that front lawns that are not kept up properly, are vacant or the owners do not up their home, which is higher chance of them assuming the lock your doors and windows are not locked. When looking at your lawn, there are some things to consider to make sure it looks clean and well kept.

  • Are there hedges to be cut? Large hedges can cover windows or entry ways that burglars can hide in

  • Are there any child toys or items that need to be put away?

  • Are the fences and side doors properly locked or need the locks to be updated?
  • Does the grass or other trees need to be cut so they look kept up?
Forming a neighborhood watch

5.  Connect with your neighbors

There is strength in numbers, and especially in neighborhoods! If you're looking to increase the safety and security of your home, connecting with your neighbors can be beneficial. If you need someone to pick up newspaper for you, water your lawn when you're away to make sure it looks up kept or step on the snow on your lawn when you're away to make the home look vacant, having a neighbor you are close with can be extremely helpful to help do these tasks.

Forming a neighborhood watch is a great way to stay connecting to your neighbors and have an email list based on activity in the neighborhood. The more people in your neighborhood connected and caring about the safety of where you all live, the better.  If other neighbors have footage from their wireless outdoor camera or wireless video doorbell, having a neighborhood watch or email list is a great way to share the footage with everyone so you know who and what to look out for since suspicious activity is happening where you live.

Here is an article on how to start forming one to get started.

6. Educate your family or household members on home security. 

The more you and the people around you know about home security, the better and safer you will feel. Home security information is changing every year with new numbers to keep track of and new statistics being reporting. Reinforcing important items like locking the doors and windows, smart lighting, checking the wireless outdoor cameras and wireless video doorbells footage, lawn up keep and finding new tips online for the family are great ways to continue to stay on top of your home security.

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