Toucan Firmware Update - 2.0.55

The new Toucan firmware is here! We have the latest updates on your Wireless Outdoor Camera and Wireless Video Doorbell that will help you see what new features are added to your new device.

We’ve added a feature where the blue LED indicator on the front of the device will now glow blue when it detects motion and begins recording. This can be disabled in the app, but it’s turned on by default with the latest firmware update.

Wireless Video Doorbell Motion Sensor

On the Wireless Outdoor Camera, the sensor will glow blue as long as the camera is recording.

On the Wireless Video Doorbell, the LED ring around the button will glow. This not only shows it’s recording but also shows where the button is more clearly to be seen in the dark now.

If you would like to enable/disable this feature in the app:

  • Tap the gear icon button on the camera you want to modify
  • Tap “Motion Detection”
  • Scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a switch in the app labeled “Camera LED”.
  • Turn it off to disable the LED turning on when motion is detected.

Wireless Outdoor Camera Motion Sensor


If you have any questions about the new firmware, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you!

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