Toucan Smart Home App Update - 2.2.0

We have an exciting new update that we finally get to share with you! Our biggest update yet has new features, moving toward a better app and experience for our users with the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Outdoor Camera. 

Here is a list of all the updates you need to know:

  • One (1) month free trial of our Toucan Shield Pro Plan

When you log into your device, you will be greet with a pop up to get a free trial of our Toucan Shield Pro Plan with 30 days. This plan has additional settings features, 7 day event look back and sharing your video doorbell or outdoor camera to up to 10 other users. The Toucan Shield Pro plan is $2.99 a month. You can learn more about the plans here.

  • Choosing your time zone

In previous updates, the timestamp on the recorded videos did not always match the time zone you were in. Now, you can choose your correct time zone to match the timestamp you want on your videos from your doorbell camera or security camera.

  • Updated emergency contact list

In your video doorbell or outdoor camera settings, you can choose your emergency contact manually or going directly to your contact list to choose who your emergency contact will be. 

  • Two-factor authentication

We're here to protect your privacy and especially who has access to your devices. We have implemented a two-factor authentication in your account settings. Once you go to your account and press 'ON', you will log out of your device and log in once again. Every time you log out and log back in, you will be emailed a new one time pass code through the email. The email is sent immediately and you have 60 seconds to enter the pass code. This will help your log in and prevent anyone new from logging into a device that does not have access to your email.

  • One (1) FREE user for device sharing

Before to share a device to another user, a Toucan Shield Pro Plan was required. Now with a free plan, you can add a one other person to see your device. Now, your spouse, roommate or other family member can see you device without the need to upgrade to the Toucan Shield Pro Plan.

We will be continuing to update the Toucan app to increase the usability of the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell and Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera. More updates will come later this month or early next month to heighten user experience and come out with features you'll need for your home. If you have any issues with the new app, please email our customer service at

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