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Whether you are boarding up your pool for the colder weather or your pool is being used every day with the hotter temperatures, keeping your pool area secure and safe are crucial. In 2015-2017, 73% of nonfatal swimming pool injuries involved children under 5 years old. Even if you’re not worried about drowning, there are many non-fatal injuries you can help avoid in your backyard. From installing wireless outdoor cameras to monitoring the area around to check for safety hazard, here are the top tips for your home security.

Wireless Outdoor Camera - Pool Safety

 1. Install security cameras in your backyard

The best way to monitor what is happening by your pool effectively is with wireless outdoor security cameras. Having a wireless outdoor camera like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera can be place anywhere which gives you more options to find the best placement of your security camera to view the pool if you do not have outlets available near you. An outdoor camera specifically is important to be weatherproof to deal with any water splashes or weather that indoor cameras are not built for. Cameras like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera are triggered by motion detection so you will receive a notification to your phone when someone enters your pool area so you will be able to keep track of the pool usage or in case an accident exists.

Pool Safety & Security Cameras

2. Block access to your pool with covers and fences

To ensure your pool is locked away from smaller children or pets, having fences and covers around your pool are a great barrier to ensure their safety. Installing a fence around your pool can help prevent anyone unauthorized from entering without supervision. This can be very helpful for curious kids and pets who want to explore in the backyard especially. To enforce pool safety, having a fence that is at least 4 feet tall will prevent anyone from climbing over. The best fences available for this backyard safety are covered in mesh so there is no room for someone to squeeze through in between an opening. To monitor your fence and cover activity, you can check your wireless outdoor cameras look back footage to keep track of your pool area.

Covers on your pool are a popular option to help ensure that if someone slips into the pool when unattended that they will not fall directly into the water but on top of the plastic covering instead. Not only are pool covers great for home safety, but they also reduce pool cleaning time, chemical consumption and limit the amount of refilling you need to do.

Pool Safety & Security Cameras

3. Keep pool equipment away from the pool

Cleaning up in between your time in and outside of the pool is essential for making sure no one gets hurt while enjoying summertime fun. Leaving pool toys along the pool could be dangerous and a hazard for someone to slip on. Especially with all the thick concrete around, making sure and enforcing a clean-up rule for pool toys. For other pool equipment, making sure the pool chemicals are out of reach for children and locked away will help prevent other forms of accidents. Using an outdoor camera to be able to monitor these areas can also help prevent a harmful situation from occurring. The motion detection notifications to your phone can be a great tool to be able to act before it’s too late.

4, Maintain the yard around the pool

With all the house toys and equipment away, it’s also important to look over the layout of your pool. Over time, it’s common for cracks to develop around the outer pool concrete and tiles on the inside of the pool. Checking around your pool to make sure there aren’t any dangerous cracks should be added to your weekly to do list to better the safety around your home. In case someone breaks the ‘no running around the pool’ rule, covered any cracks can help prevent further pool injury.

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera - Pool Safety

5. Create a list of pool rules

Having a pool is a ton of fun but comes with a greater responsibility. Talking with family and friends about pool rules before entering the pool is beneficial to everyone involved to have a fun and safe time.

Here is a list of pool rules to help build off of:

  • Do not let anyone left swimming without an adult present
    • PRO TIP: You can use your wireless outdoor camera to connect to your Google Home or Alexa Echo Show to watch on a live feed to continue watching if you need to leave to get something in the kitchen or grab a snack
  • Don’t run on the pool deck
  • Don’t dive into swallow water
  • No pushing in the pool
  • Don’t dunk or hold anyone underwater
  • Those who don’t know how to swim must use flotation devices

Other items can added to this list that you find best to enforce pool safety in your home. Learning CPR and having rescue equipment and first aid nearby is also a great addition for your home safety.


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