Top Home Security Tips If You Live Alone

Living alone has some great benefits. You never have to wait for the bathroom, and you are free to invite friends and guests over whenever you want. However, for those who are just starting out, that freedom may bring feelings of concern and anxiousness. This doesn’t come as a surprise since according to the FBI, there are approximately 4 million property crimes reported each year. Instead of worrying about what might happen, avoid home security mistakes by taking control of the situation and implementing proper safety precautions. Continue reading below to learn how to make your transition of living alone much more worry-free.

Wireless Video Doorbell - Doorbell Camera

Install a Doorbell Camera or Security Camera

If you’re living alone, always knowing who at your door can tremendously increase your security. Stay one step ahead and know which welcomed (or unwelcomed) guests have arrived even before they ring the doorbell by installing a doorbell camera like the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell.  Not only that, but just seeing one when approaching a home could be enough to deter a potential intruder. Video doorbells also have the added benefit of recording footage in case you need to retrieve any evidence for reports. Most doorbell cameras also have two-way voice communication, so you can accept packages or let someone know you’re home without even having to physically open the door.

Contact a pre-move in inspection

Prior to moving in, you should always give the apartment a careful inspection.  Check the doors to ensure they’re solid, and install a deadbolt if there isn’t one already. Check other entry points to the building, as well as windows, and that the hallways are well-lit. Note down the location of any safety equipment, security cameras and emergency exits if available. If there’s any concerns, now is the time to tell your landlord. Having any potential issues resolved prior to moving in will save you from worry down the road.

While checking out an apartment or home, this is also a great time to note if you are able to install anything including wireless outdoor cameras or wireless video doorbells if you are renting. Some renters should not have an issue with it because they are wire-free but this would be a good thing to ask and make accommodations.

Home Security - Getting to Know Your Neighbors


Befriend your neighbors

Get to know your neighbors, but not only for the sake of socializing or just to be polite. Taking the time to become acquainted gives you the additional benefit of additional eyes on the lookout. If your neighbors are aware that you are usually away during the day, they’re much more likely to be suspicious if there’s someone trying to gain access to your apartment or house during those hours. Similarly, getting to know who’s who in the area allows you to spot strangers and unfamiliar faces.

For security purposes, knowing your neighbors can also help you recognize them if you see them near your home while looking at any footage on your outdoor cameras.

Devise an exit strategy

You don’t want to be caught off guard, dazed, and confused if a situation arises especially since you might be on your own during an evacuation. Having an emergency exit strategy devised reduces the potential for making mistakes and increases your time to escape in case of life-threatening situations. Make sure that you know how to get out of your home or apartment if there is an emergency or an intruder. For example, you could have an emergency ladder setup on one of your windows, or mapped out a path through your home to an exit. Run through a few scenarios and plan how to get out of your place quickly and quietly.

Home Security - Outdoor Cameras and Lighting

Keep the lights on

Lights are a quick and inexpensive way to discourage would-be home intruders. Some good examples of this could be using motion-detecting lights on the exterior or a smart sconce light on the interior of your place. These are inexpensive and work well to mimic the presence of somebody home even if you are away. Most smart wireless wall lights have a timer feature, so whether you’re away, or just feel you need the extra security at night, a smart wall light can provide you with that additional peace of mind.

While there are literally millions of property crimes reported each year, that does not mean you have to be a sitting duck.  If you are planning to make the move on living alone, you only need to take a few precautionary steps to greatly increase your sense of security.  Start by following the tips described above, and you’ll find that with just a small effort on planning and a little investment on security, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the benefits of living alone. Home security ranges from outdoor cameras to basic every day practices so it's always important to be up to date on the latest information and tips.


Written by: Alexander Wong

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