5 Security Tips for Monitoring Your Vacation Home

The vacation home is a perfect getaway for the holidays, but the problem is, how can you practice strong home security while you’re away? Vacation homes often remain vacant for long periods of time, thus making them highly susceptible to trespassing and burglary. It’s important to look at different options like security cameras, neighborhood safety and more to protect your vacation home from unwelcome guests.

Lock all your windows for vacation home security

Lock all doors and windows

It has been reported that in the United States, most burglaries are forced entries so even locked doors might not be able to protect all burglaries but it’s first step. Many burglars can easily climb, walk, and crawl inside the houses through windows or second story openings. Ensure that all the doors and windows have secured locks, especially windows at ground level. Moreover, you can also use a pin into the frame to stop the windows from opening. Don’t forget to lock back doors and the basement and use deadbolts on external doors!

Wireless Outdoor Security System for Your Vacation Home

Install a security monitoring system

A security camera in plain sight means that someone is always monitoring the property. Small home and mobile apps allow you to monitor your home even when you are thousands of miles away to be able to check whenever you want just through an app like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera. Moreover, you can use outdoor cameras and get the real-time video on your home, work computer or your smartphone. You can additionally use a doorbell camera for monitoring directly on your porch with wireless outdoor cameras around the property to get full coverage of the property. Moreover, these monitoring systems can send you notifications when motion is detected so you’ll be able to see what is happening near your home in real time. You can place doorbell cameras on the doors outside the home so that when burglars see this camera, they will think twice about trying to break in.

Know your neighbors

A vacation home isn’t your permanent residence, but you need to know your neighbors and find someone trustworthy. Good relations with neighbors will reduce the likelihood of strangers snooping around your vacation home. Let your neighbors know that it is your vacation home, and you might visit this home only a few times a year so they have a better understanding on what to look out for if they see someone on your property. You can ask them to keep an eye on your home and inform you in case of any strange activity. A friendly neighbor can immediately notify the police in case of any suspicious activity in your absence as well.

If you have wireless outdoor cameras that you can monitor through your phone, knowing your neighbor’s face can help if you see someone on your cameras to see if it’s them or not.

Keep a record of all your belongings, use a security camera to track this as well.

Keep a record of your belongings

If you only ever visit your vacation home a few times a year, it can be easy to forget what you store there. Ensure that you have an inventory sheet that contains the record of all your belongings so that you can easily find out if something is missing. Note down the serial numbers of your electronic accessories on a separate sheet that you can refer to if something does arise. When you have a proper record of all your belongings, it can be a reassurance to know that everything is present and where it should be. Using indoor security cameras in your rooms while you’re away can also ensure that your items will be taken in account through video recordings.

Do not leave spare keys outside of your vacation home. Use smart home appliances instead.

Never leave spare keys outside

The most common mistake that many people make is placing spare keys outside for themselves or guests. They hide a spare key under the front doormat, under an imitation rock, or on top of the porch light. However, a better method may be to leave your keys with a nearby friend or trustworthy neighbor. Alternatively, electronic keyless locks are becoming more and more popular. A smartphone or a computer can also monitor these locks to where you can unlock it right from the app. Consider it a wise investment to make your home that much smarter!

Vacation homes are places that often do not get our full attention until something goes wrong. However, by following just a few of these tips, you can increase security of your vacation home. Whether you decide to install a doorbell camera to protect your home and property, or trust a neighbor to keep an eye out to prevent theft and burglaries, implement a few of these ideas so you can feel more confident that your vacation home is well-protected while you are away.

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