What is a Magnetic Mount Security Camera?

You're looking at buying different security cameras and you notice that some cameras that feature having a "magnetic mount". Why is that? What is a magnetic mount security camera? Is this the right fit for you?

Finding the right security camera for your home with the features that would benefit you can be exhausting and overwhelming if you are first time buyer.

To assist you further to understand the range of security cameras available, we have all your answers here at Toucan.

What is a magnetic mount?

A magnetic mount on your camera is a way of mounting to the back of wireless outdoor cameras instead of a traditional fixed mount. This kind of mounting allows for the camera to move around and adjust to any angle since the camera is not mounted through a screw or another fixed component.

This mount has a strong magnet designed to connect to the back of your outdoor camera and is shaped fit to the camera design so it can be fit tight and securely.

magnetic mount

Once the magnet is put near the back of the camera, the camera and mount will snap together with ease. The mount connects to the home through a single screw or a 3M tape, like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera set up.

Some magnetic mounts even have a mounts that are magnetic on both ends so you are able to hang the mount on a pole, fence, pipe line etc. if you would like.

 outdoor camera on a metal gate.

Pros of a Magnetic Mount

Change the angle easily

Have you ever tried to take a picture or video but the angle just isn't right and the photo doesn't come out how you wanted no matter how many times you tried?

Where ever you want to place your security camera, the magnetic mount will let you. One of our favorite aspects of the magnetic mount is that you can adjust the camera to be any angle you would like to see due to it's flexible connection to the camera.

Traditional fixed mounts can be flexible in some areas, but with the magnetic mount, you can change the angle any time and however much you would like so that you can capture what you want to monitor on your live feed.


Toucan wireless outdoor camera magnetic mount

Move your camera placement with ease

The biggest question when you're getting a security camera: where do I place it?

Placing your security camera is easy when it's wire-free because it is all up to preference and what you want you security camera to capture since you are not bound to place your camera that fits near an electrical outlet.

But what about if you want to change where you placed the camera?

When you want to change the placement of your wireless outdoor camera, the magnetic mount can take you where you need. Magnetic mounts are easy to hang anywhere with a backing that can either be hung by a single screw or a piece of 3M tape. 

Wired cameras tend to be more permanent, but if you're moving from house to house, renting or just want the option to change your camera, a magnetic mount based security camera can offer the flexibility you need.


Myth: A security camera with a magnetic mount is easy to steal

It's true that the magnetic mount connects to wireless outdoor cameras without any screws but that doesn't mean someone can steal it quickly. 

The magnetic mount is strong and won't budge in storms, strong winds or any burglars who are running by as these cameras are built to withstand any form of disturbance. If there is any movement that could move an area of the camera out of the mount, the magnetic is strong enough to bring the camera right back into the mount. 

Removing the mount takes some force and preparation work. Wireless security cameras are meant to be in high out of reach places outside whether its on your roof or up near a tree. To be able to get up into this area to grab a security camera is not something that can be done in just a few minutes time to complete the home invasion quick enough. 

The areas that you are intending on placing your camera should be only accessible through a ladder. If you are practicing strong home security in your home, ladders should not be around your side yard or easily accessibly to prevent anyone from getting into high to reach windows.

By the time someone trying to burglarize your home is setting up the grab your camera, it's highly likely the user received the notification motion was detected and already had their city authorities on the way to the home.

magnetic mount

Finding the security camera for your home is a journey. A magnetic mount security camera offers an easy installation process and flexibility to match any kind of problem in your home and should be concerned when looking at different security cameras.

Interested in learning about wired vs. wireless cameras? Learn more about wireless outdoor cameras to see if they are the best fit to your home through our guide.

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