A Definitive Guide to Wireless Outdoor Cameras

When you're looking for a security camera to purchase, you might be overwhelmed by all the options available. What is a wired camera? What is a wireless or wire-free camera? Which is better? As home security options on the market have been increasing and more accessible throughout the last few years, there are a lot of great features and options to choose from. When it comes to a wireless camera, understanding the benefits and how it can fit in your home is the best place to start on your home security journey.

To help with your decision, we will detail the pros and cons of an outdoor wireless security camera to help you determine if this could be the best security solution for your home or property.

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera

What is a Wire-free Camera?

Outdoor wireless security cameras are a strong option for any type of home. From an established house, an apartment, a townhouse, etc., a wire-free security camera will be able to do its job as long as there is WIFI without the need for outlets to properly operate. Wire-free systems have a major advantage over wired cameras as they are much easier to install and move around. For most wire-free cameras, you will not need any power tools or drilling through your walls to collect materials to install the devices.

Wireless security cameras work by connecting with your home WIFI (2.4gHz or 5G depending on the WIFI camera). To receive the recordings of action captured at your home, you can access this typically through an app on your smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. Other wired devices may connect only through a recorded or DVR to operate and view the footage.


  • Simple and quick installation
  • Wide range of flexibility
  • Great for every kind of home
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Cloud Storage / Easy Access to Cameras


  • Batteries need to be recharged
  • Does not offer constant 24/7 recording

Simple and Quick Installation

Many consumers are intimated by security cameras because of the complex wiring and installation process just to get the item installed on the home. With a wire-free design, the installation process of a wireless outdoor camera can be under 10 minutes. If you don't have a day dedicated to installing and knowledge/access to power tools, the wire-free security camera will be a great option to get your home security up and quickly.

Wide Range of Flexibility

Battery operated security cameras allow you to put the camera anywhere where you want coverage as long as it's in the range of WIFI. If you want your camera to be placed by your roof, on your fence, in a chicken coop, or in a tree, the outdoor WIFI camera can capture it. The ability to move your camera where ever you want security allows you to get the home security where you want, not where the wires can go.

Wireless battery security camera allows you to place the camera anywhere

Great for Every Kind of Home

Don't have many outlets near the exterior? Renting a home that doesn't allow for changing the home wiring? Have an apartment that doesn't have any outlets on the exterior installed? Having a wire-free security camera allows greater flexibility to match your home's needs. Cameras like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera can be installed with just a strong piece of 3M tape to put on a smooth wall without any screw damage to the home. 

If you are living in a non-permanent location, having a wire-free camera can be a strong option as you are moving from place to place. Since the camera is wire-free, you can simply disconnect the camera when you move and then add it to your next location without having to go through any wiring or extended installation you would with a wired camera.

Versatile Mounting Options

Since the wireless outdoor security cameras have different mounts and installations than wired cameras, most wireless cameras allow different ways to place the camera on your home. The Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera offers a magnetic mount that connects to the back of the camera and allows the camera to adjust to multiple angles. Other options with the wireless camera are a metal mount that is more fixed if you want to screw in your camera more securely to your home. Wired cameras typically have 1 option for mounting and limiting angle adjustment.

Wireless Outdoor Camera Metal Mount or Magnetic Mount

Cloud Storage / Easy Access to Cameras

An exciting new feature within the last few years is that security cameras are now able to send their recordings to an app accessible on the smartphone. No need to go home to work with a recorder or DVR system to access your security cameras long after someone was outside of your home. Wireless outdoor cameras work with an app on your phone that will send instant notifications when motion is detected so you're able to react real-time! Some wired cameras are able to do this but all wire-free cameras have the ability to be accessed remotely and notify the user of motion in real-time.

Battery Needs to be Recharged

Having a wireless camera means the power service is located in the battery instead of your home outlets. Most cameras can last months on the battery before they need to be recharged. Battery life between charges is increasing as technology is improving through the years. For example, the 2021 Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera has a larger battery that can last up to 50% longer than the previous edition. As the years' progress, more technology will be introduced to follow the bigger battery trend. However, you will need to take some time every few weeks to months (depending on how often your camera is being activated per day) to charge your device.

Toucan Wireless Outdoor | Wifi Battery Camera

No 24/7 Constant Recording

Wireless outdoor cameras operate by looking for motion detected to turn on and start recording. If you are looking for a device where you can look at recording throughout the last 24 hours, 7 days a week, wireless cameras have a limitation. If there is constant motion in front of the camera, the event will be recorded but you cannot set up your wireless device to stream in front of you for the duration of the day.

When choosing a home security camera and system, the most important thing is the feeling of security. Finding the best fit for your home will be crucial to expanding your home security and greater peace of mind.

Have a question regarding WIFI cameras? Comment or message us at support@toucan.solutions to see if a wireless camera will work for you!

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