We're Headed to CES 2020 With 2 New Products!

With the new year beginning, we're starting off running with headed to CES 202 located in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is an annual convention to showcase consumer technologies for over 50 years. Toucan has been an attendee for the last few years to showcase the Toucan Security Camera and Toucan Sconce Light from the release starting in 2016. As our company is not new to CES, we are excited to be revealing 2 NEW products!

Toucan's Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Outdoor Camera will be showcased at CES 2020 for the first time. CES is a groundbreaking show for many new and innovative products, so it's an exciting time to release our new products to match with the timing of one of the biggest trade show for consumer products.

Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell Camera includes:

180° Vertical and Horizontal Wide Angle Lens to be able to see farther than ever before. See anything from the ground up including directly seeing packages below your doorbell camera with this full 180° view.

Wireless doorbell chime so you can still hear the *RING* in your house when someone is at the door and the doorbell is pressed. Since the chime is wireless, you can put the chime anywhere in your home whether you want it in your living room, bedroom and or even in the backyard.

100% wire free battery operated body so you don't need to worry about doorbell wiring. Many homes do not have a doorbell installed into their home so this opens up a video doorbell that can be placed in homes that do not have doorbell wiring.

Night vision to be able see your porch from any hour of the day on the Toucan app with live 24 video feed without needing a bright porch light or floodlight fixture.

Two Way Audio to speak to anyone who comes by your door whether it's family, friends, neighbors, solicitors or even be able to talk to intruders.

Weatherproof design to hold up in rain, snow, or even the hottest temperatures

Siren alarm that can be triggered from the Toucan app if you see suspicious activity

and many more!

Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera includes:

Magnetic Mount for Set Up: Be able to move the camera body at any angle to cover any blind spots with the magnetic body, enjoy the flexibility of changing the camera body whenever you'd like.

Works with Echo Show and Google Nest Home Hub: just say "Alexa, show me front door" to see the live feed of your camera without needing your smart phone nearby.

Two Way Audio:  High quality and loud microphone and speaker to be able to speak to guests that approach your room. Whether it's the delivery person dropping off your package and you want to tell them where to place the item or saying "hello!" to a family member coming home, 2 way talk allows you do so from anywhere.

131­° Wide Angle View: Be able to see a wide angle of what is happening near your home.

and many more features! All features are noted here for the Wireless Outdoor Camera to get a full view of what's offered.


Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera


We are thrilled to be able to share these new products. CES is from January 7th to January 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Toucan's booth will be located in Sands booth #43528. If you're attending, come by our booth to see these products yourself!

Here is a look back at the previous Toucan booth designs. We look forward to sharing all our fun and our 2020 booth design when we return!

Toucan Smart Home - CES
Toucan Smart Home - CES

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