Introducing Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera - Smart Home Products You Need!

Toucan is excited to announce the addition of a new camera to our Toucan Smart Home line of products. We introduced the idea of building the home security product line with our Toucan Security Camera that connects directly to your light fixture and allows for easy installation. We wanted to continue the vision of extending the security camera line with different options of wired and wireless options. 

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera is our next addition to the security camera family to extend and continue with the smart home trend. The Wireless Outdoor Camera is a great option to be able track your home in any part in or out of your home with the easy to install mount that can be placed anywhere. A great highlight of a wireless camera are the unlimited areas you can install the security camera. No need to install near outlets, light fixtures of areas that allow hard wiring for a camera system. Whether you want the security camera by your garage, porch, upstairs bedroom window, backyard, inside a tool shed, side yard etc., you have the freedom and flexibility to be able to. While installing a home security system can be a chore to some, removing these limitations allows to put the security camera where you want to keep watch over. 

Wireless Outdoor Camera also includes: 

Magnetic Mount for Set Up: With the magnetic mount and camera body, you can move your camera to adjust to any angle to help cover any blind spot you're worried about in your home.

Works with Echo Show and Google Nest Home Hub: Be able to watch your home through Echo Show and Google Nest Home Hub and say "Alexa, show me front door" to see the live feed of your camera without needing your smart phone.

Night vision: Be able to record and capture late night action without the need of a floodlight or outdoor light. If you're worried about intruders at night including animals, you'll be able to see all the action from your security camera.

Two Way Audio:  High quality and loud microphone and speaker to be able to speak to guests that approach your room. Whether it's the delivery person dropping off your package and you want to tell them where to place the item or saying "hello!" to a family member coming home, 2 way talk allows you do so from anywhere. 

Instant Notifications to your Phone: Know what is happening at anytime with instant notifications sent to your smart phone whenever motion is detected with the PIR Sensor. This allows you to be notified to see if a family member arrived home, when they left, see your package being delivered, a neighbor stopping by and most importantly, see a suspicious person approaching your door. With having these notifications, you are always aware of what is happening near your home when you're away.

131­° Wide Angle View: Be able to see a wide angle of what is happening near your home.

Weatherproof IP56: To withstand the harshest winters and hottest summers. No need to worry about the technology freezing or getting water damage.

Siren Alarm and Emergency Calls: If you see something suspicious and someone trying to break in, you can siren the alarm from your phone, record footage, use 2 way talk and place an emergency call to 911 or someone you know through the Toucan app.

24 hour "look back" footage: View 24 hour of recorded footage near your home so if you miss a notification, you can view what the motion was detected in this look back section.

Wireless Outdoor Camera

Optional $2.99/month subscription included:

7 day rolling cloud recording storage: instead of 24 hour, be able to access more footage

Unlimited Video Downloads: to be able to share any moment captured on your camera with family and friends. Have the ability to save video to your camera roll to extend past the 7 days it is stored in the Toucan app.

No Device Limit: add any amount of Toucan products to the app! Unlimited devices to be connected.

Share Devices With Up to 10 Users: Connect up to 10 people to the cameras in your phone so every member of your family can see what is happening by your home and be able to utilize all the Toucan app features.

The Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera is currently on Amazon and for $79.99. Major retailers coming soon!

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