9 Tips to Improve Your Home Security in 2021

Did you know that 1.6 million homes are broken into every year? While it’s easy to think “that couldn’t happen to me” (even with your outdoor cameras), it easily could! With the new year upon us, an important goal and resolution is to focus more on your home security and start taking it seriously.

We have outlined some great security tips to help start off the new year:
  1. Install security cameras inside and outside of your home. The best tip for securing your home is investing in a wireless outdoor camera that you can view live from your phone at any time to have immediate access to what is happening near your home. On a budget? The Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Outdoor Camera are high quality and affordable options to start your home security journey for under $90 each.
  2. Plan to travel more this New Year? Include smart lighting in your home to be on/off periodically to make it look like someone is home. When burglars are looking for homes to break into, it’s a popular tactic to watch homes that have limited house activity like lights off. Seeing a porch light specially being turned off for long periods of time in the night is a huge sign that no one is home. Thankfully, the Toucan Security Camera connects to your porch light and turns that light bulb smart to control from your smartphone, Alexa and Google Home. Incorporating smart lighting when you’re away from your home gives you the freedom to turn your lights on and off anytime when your smartphone to schedule a variety of lighting throughout the time you’re away.
  3. Summer months are highest burglary months in the year for families going on summer vacation and leaving their home for long periods of time. During these travel months, make sure you have a family or friend periodically checking in on your home and even prepare in advance with securing your home with a security camera and offers features to have a peace of mind when you’re away on vacation. With being in and out of the house during traveling periods or even just a day at an amusement park, be able to watch on your phone a live feed of your home and receive notifications when motion is detected will be crucial to keeping your home safe and having a peace of mind.
    Home Security Tips - Wireless Outdoor Cameras
  4. Use a key lock box instead of spare keys hidden in flower pots or under mats outdoors. While it’s very common and easy to hide a key somewhere by your door when you get locked out, intruders have mastered where to look for a spare key when entering a home. Instead of leaving a spare key open in the front or back yard or on top of your door frame, having a key lock box near your home with a protected keypad, is a secure option to still provide a spare key near your home on those days where you get locked out.
  5. Don’t hide your valuables in the master bedroom. If intruders are looking for expensive and special items, the first place they will look is the master bedroom for jewelry, credit cards and more. Start hiding items in places in your home that are more uncommon.
  6. Don’t announce where you are or will be on social media when traveling for long periods. While it’s easy to get excited and want to share your adventures with friends and family, it’s also letting the world know that you are not home and won’t be home for a while. If you’re looking to share your travel journey, it’s best to share it when you’re back at your home. 
  7. Periodically check windows and door locks and replace old and worn down locks. With all things including locks, they wear out over long periods of time with use. Make a habit to check your home once a month to see how the locks are securing. With excessive use, locks can loosen over time, so it’s important to make a habit to check and replace old locks. Having security cameras by
  8. Start with preventing package theft. With piling packages on your doorstep during holiday seasons or an overall increase of online shopping, it can be a huge target for package theft. The best way to prevent package theft is a video doorbell or a security camera that has 2 way audio to be able to speak to the person delivering your package and have them place the item in a nearby bush or behind a pillar. 2 way audio on a security camera allows you to even scare intruders or package thieves when they are near your home. Toucan Security Camera, outdoor camera and video doorbell offer live feed viewing on your smartphone so you can watch you package all day until you can safely place it indoors. BONUS: Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell offers 180° angle vertically and horizontally so you can see the bottom of your doorstep where your package is, to keep your eye on the package all day!
Doorbell cameras and package theft

We hope you are able to start the new year off with some great tips to help secure your home. While it may seem like a chore to up keep your home security, it’s one of the most important things we can do for our home and lives. You’ll never regret the time you took to ensure your house is safe! 

The most important tip is installing a security camera system, an extra peace of mind that your home is safe and you’ll be able to check in at ANY time of day from wherever you are with the ability to few from your smartphone. Our recommendation is the Toucan Security Camera line with options to choose from like the Toucan Security Camera w/ light fixture connection, Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera and the Toucan Video Doorbell

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