How to Fix: When to reset or power cycle your Toucan camera

For Toucan security camera troubleshooting, being able to know when to reset and power cycle your device is important to getting your camera up and running again. For your Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Outdoor Camera, there is power cycling and resetting your device if your Toucan camera is not connecting to your phone or is showing as offline. But how do you know when is the appropriate time to take these next steps?

First, you should NOT ever reboot or factory reset your camera or doorbell when the LED on the front is flashing or solid PURPLE. Doing so may brick your product.

Second, note that before completely resetting your camera or doorbell, you should always try and reboot it first with a power cycle. Rebooting your Toucan camera is fast, simple, and usually the problem clears right up. If you factory reset the product, you will have to pair it again.

Here’s some situations that might warrant rebooting or completely resetting your camera:

  1. You got a new WiFi router, but kept the same SSID (WiFi name) and password. Some devices will automatically connect, some devices may have trouble. If you cycle power on the wireless outdoor camera or wireless video doorbell, it should connect just fine.
  2. The device just won’t update the firmware – It happens sometimes. You’ve tried multiple times, and it’s just not working. Make sure you do NOT reboot or reset the Toucan camera while the purple light on the front of the wireless outdoor security camera/doorbell camera is flashing or is solid. Blue or red is fine, but not purple.
  3. The device is inexplicably offline, you’re 100% positive the battery isn’t dead, and you haven’t changed your WiFi or moved the video doorbell or outdoor camera outside of WiFi range.
  4. Your Toucan camera won’t pair (and you’ve already uninstalled/reinstalled the app and rebooted your mobile device)

Remember, power cycle your Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell or Wireless Outdoor Camera first (because it’s fast, easy, and usually resolves it) and THEN factory reset – but don’t do either when the purple light is flashing!

If you are having issues with your Toucan camera after resetting and power cycling, please reach out to us at for further assistance or leave a comment below so we can reach out to you.

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