How to Fix: Reset Your Toucan Camera

Unfortunately, your Toucan camera may not behaving as it should be. Perhaps it’s not updating the firmware as it’s supposed to, maybe it’s offline and you’ve already tried to reconnect it and you’ve already tried to cycle power. In this blog, we are outlining how you are able to completely reset your Toucan device to start working properly. In a previous blog, we mentioned how to power cycle your device when the cameras were showing offline. If you have tried the steps listed in that blog, follow the instructions down below.

How do you know for sure when to reset or power cycle your device? Read this blog here! 

For this, you will need a paperclip, pin, or other small pointy object.

How to Completely Reset Your Toucan Video Doorbell/Wireless Outdoor Camera:

IMPORTANT: If you’ve been recently trying to update the firmware, and the light on the front is SOLID OR FLASHING PURPLE, do NOT DO THIS. Wait until the LED on the front is off, red, or blue. Doing this while the purple LED is on/flashing may brick your camera!

If you’re using a Wireless Outdoor Camera, open the flap on the TOP of the camera as pictured below.

Wireless Outdoor Camera | Toucan Smart Home | Complete Reset

Wireless Outdoor Camera Top Flap

If you’re using a Wireless Video Doorbell, open the flap on the BACK of the doorbell as pictured below.

Wireless Video Doorbell | Toucan Smart Home | Completely Resetting Your Device

  1. You will see two buttons: One is an obvious button marked “SET”, the other is a pinhole button marked “RST”.
  2. Press and HOLD the button marked “SET” for 9-10 seconds. While you’re holding it, you’ll see the LED on the front start flashing BLUE, then start flashing RED. When the LED starts flashing RED, you can release it.
  3. With your pin or paperclip (or other pointy object) insert it into the hole marked “RST” and push gently until you feel a “click”.

The camera or doorbell has now been through a factory reset and is powered OFF. In order to use it again, you’ll need to pair it again through the Toucan app. If you have done this factory reset, your camera should be able to move forward with pairing without any issues. If you are receiving an error message or your camera will no longer connect after the reset, please contact Toucan customer service at or leave a comment below for a customer service representative to get to you quickly for further instructions.

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