How to Fix: Toucan Camera Showing Offline

You may have encountered an issue where your camera just isn’t functioning right. Maybe your Toucan doorbell went offline and won’t go back online. The fastest and easiest thing to do is just to turn it off and on again.

For this you’ll need a paperclip or a safety pin, and a few seconds.

How to Reset Your Toucan Camera:

IMPORTANT: If you’ve been recently trying to update the firmware, and the light on the front is SOLID OR FLASHING PURPLE, do NOT DO THIS. Wait until the LED on the front is off, red, or blue. Doing this while the purple LED is on/flashing may brick your camera!

If you’re using a Wireless Outdoor Camera, open the flap on the TOP of the camera as pictured below.

Wireless Outdoor Camera | Toucan Camera Showing Offline


If you’re using a Wireless Video Doorbell, open the flap on the BACK of the doorbell as pictured below.

Wireless Video Doorbell | Toucan Doorbell Showing Offline

  1. Insert the pin or paperclip (or other narrow pointy object) into the pinhole under the flap marked “RST”. Just push in until you feel a little “click”, then pull the pin back out.
  2. Look at the front of the camera – are there any lights or any other indications that it’s on? If not, then it’s powered off now.
  3. BRIEFLY press the other button under the flap marked “SET”. Just press it quickly and release. This will turn back on the camera.

That’s it! You’ve just power cycled your camera or doorbell. Give it a good minute to see if it’s online and it works after 30 minutes to an hour. If the Toucan camera is showing online after this time period then your camera is back up to working again.

If the Toucan camera keeps going offline, please reach out to our Toucan customer service at or leave a comment for further information and instructions.

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