5 Things You Do That Welcome Burlgars

Getting your home security in order is not only a task but a continuous habit. But sometimes, people get too comfortable in their city and neighborhoods to think a burglary could never happen in their own home. While it may feel ok at the time to let some of home security habits slide for one or two days, it can become a habit that invites burglars into your home. From getting a wireless video doorbell to analyzing your schedule, here are some items that welcome a home invasion that you might not have thought about. 


Wireless Outdoor Camera

1. Not Owning a Doorbell Camera or Outdoor Camera

Owning a security camera is more than just being able to access the footage if something happens, it's a big preventive item as well. If you have visible wireless outdoor cameras or a video doorbell, a burglar will notice if you have a home security system set up in your home and have second thoughts. Homes without a security system set up have a 300% chance of falling victim to a burglary, Seeing a security camera is enough for most burglars to flee the scene to avoid getting caught. If you have a Wireless Outdoor Camera like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera, you will get notifications to your smart phone when motion is detected so you can see on the Toucan app if a burglar is looking around your home.


5 Things That Welcome Burglars | Cluttered Yards

2. A Cluttered Yard

Whether it's trash cans laying on the driveway for a few extra days or the newspaper crowding your door, these little items are a big flag for home invaders. A cluttered curb full of newspapers, mail, recycling bins or mail is a clear signal that no one is home or isn't around the home often/vacant enough to where these items are not being cleaned up. A vacant looking house is a great signal for home invaders. A cluttered yard includes leaves from trees not being picked up, untouched snow on the yard, children's toys left in the front yard, mail, newspapers, packages, and trash bins. Keeping these tidy and put away, will help deter burglars.


Front Door Security | Toucan Smart Home

3.  An unlocked front door

It's easy to rush through the door and sometimes forget to lock it and have the moment of panic when you're driving somewhere to think "Did I lock my door?" It's normal and happens but what about when this one accident becomes a habit? 34% of burglars enter through an unlocked front door, the most common entry point for a home invasion. Making sure you lock your front door and the remaining doors in your home will be a big preventive item. While some burglars use a force entry at times, having the doors lock will slow the situation and hopefully gives you more time to react and notice.

Since the front door is the most common entry point, investing in a wireless video doorbell is important to see who and what is coming by your front door at any point of the day. Even if you forget to lock the door some days, you can always access the live feed of your camera from your smart phone to see if there is activity at your door.

4. A Predictable Schedule 

It's inevitable to have a set schedule whether you're going to work, dropping kids off at school or picking them up. However, burglars pick up on these patterns to know when it the optimal time to strike. The most popular time for a break in is 10 AM to 3 PM. If you are able to vary your schedule in any way, this will help in the case of someone watching the home when they think a vacant window is available. If you are unable to vary your schedule, having a home security system that is active and locking your doors can help. To make it look like someone is home - investing in smart lighting or smart objects can help. By being at work or far away, you can turn on your lights at your house or front porch just to make it look like someone is home. 

Window Safety | Window Locks | Toucan Smart Home

5. Keeping second story windows open or unlocked

Your windows are on the second floor, what burglar would want to get up there, right? Well, ladders left on the side of the house or accessible roofing can be the entry way in your home that can give access to those higher to reach areas to get straight into your home. While evaluating your home security, look around to any available entry and make sure they are locked when not in use and there are out of reach items outside your house that could give burglars potential access (through force or heights).

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