Toucan Camera Firmware Update - 0.02.058

The new month gives a new update for the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera and Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell. Firmware is updated every month or so to make sure the internal device is running smoothing with the app. These internal updates are crucial to make sure you are getting the best experience with the app.

This works in conjunction with a new app version released for IOS (Version 2.3.2 Build 209) and Android (Version 2.3.4 Build 203).

All updates are now live! These updates add the following:

  • Message Center – Now you can have an in-app log of things like when the firmware was updated or when someone shared a camera with you. It shows up as a little envelop icon in the upper right on the dashboard.
  • Motion Zones Update -  We have updated the motion detection zones to make them more visible – selected areas are now orange where motion will NOT be detected. Previous settings was a grey that was confusing for some camera views so this could help make sure you know where the section is.

Motion Zones on the Toucan Cameras

  • Motion Zones Information - Updated the explanation of how motion detection zones work in-app for your doorbell camera and outdoor security camera.
  • Sound Adjustments - On the Wireless Video Doorbell, you can now disable the loud “DING DONG” that the doorbell itself makes when pressed, in the app! There’s a new camera settings menu item called “Sound” which lets you change the chime volume, as well as enable/disable the DING DONG of the doorbell itself.


Sound adjustment for the Wireless Video Doorbell

  • Emergency Call - Fixed a bug with the SOS function on IOS where it couldn’t handle phone numbers with parentheses (like if in your contacts, the area code is in parentheses).
  • A few other minor bug fixes

If you have any further questions on the latest app update or firmware update, please reach out to us at 

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Jack Mindek February 18, 2021

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