How Burglars Choose Their Homes to Target

Burglars don’t just pick houses at random; they take the time to choose a target and stake it out. They want to get in and out quick with no witnesses, so burglaries actually happen at a higher rate in rural areas rather than in cities! No matter where you live, here’s what you need to watch out for to make sure your home doesn’t stand out. 

1. No security cameras or security systems

Homes with no security set up are an easy target for intruders because they know that the homeowners won’t be notified of the burglary. Set up your Toucan home security system to get notifications instantly when someone approaches your property. 

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Protect your home by installing security cameras at large points of entry. Toucan cameras are so easy to install that you can place them virtually anywhere and adjust them to any angle that you need. Put them near your gate, back door, sliding door, and large windows. By spacing a few cameras around the perimeter of your house you’ll have full coverage 24/7. 

Also consider investing in a home alarm system and displaying the company’s signage and stickers to deter possible burglaries. 

By setting up these systems, you let intruders know that you are aware and protected and therefore not an easy target. 

2. Easy access to your home

Window Security and Outdoor Cameras

Burglars will choose properties that are easy to get into as their targets. If there are low fences, no gates, and an accessible backyard, it makes it easier for them to break in. Open windows and unlocked doors will also leave you vulnerable. Check out our last blog post for some tips and tricks for window safety! 

Most burglaries take about 10 minutes, so these criminals need to make sure they can get in and out fast. Even pet doors can be a point of entry for intruders, so make sure you secure them when you’re not home. 

 3. You're often away from your home

Outdoor Camera - Home Security Tips

Since most burglars stake out their marks, they will notice properties that are less often occupied. If you work all day or frequently leave on business trips or vacations, this is something that they will pick up on. 

By having a security camera, you can keep tabs on your home while you’re at work. 

If you’re on vacation, you’ll want to make sure the post office holds your mail for you, so it doesn’t noticeably pile up. You’ll also want to set automatic timers for the lights in your house to give the illusion that someone is home. 

4. Clearly visible valuables

Home Security Tips - Living Room

If you have valuables in your home, you should store them where people cannot easily see them. While the primary target of many burglaries is not large expensive items (they’re hard to carry out, especially quickly and with no one noticing), having these clearly displayed could demonstrate a sign of wealth, aka the possibility that you have expensive jewelry or money in the house. 

 5. No furry friends

Dogs are natural security cameras

Dogs can really be a deterrent against burglaries. If you have a dog in your backyard, there’s no way an intruder can get around being approached by the dog and causing some loud barking. Of course, you should only get a furry companion if you’re ready for a new member in your family, but just remember that your dog is doing more to protect your home than you may think! 

Remember that the Toucan Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera and Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell both come with pre-recorded messages, including the sound of a guard dog barking. Take advantage of these types of defenses to keep your home safe.

Summer is the time of year when there are the most burglaries. Take your home security into your own hands by installing Toucan security cameras and keeping tabs on your property to make sure your family’s safe!

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