Apartment Home Security Tips You Need to Know

A lot of security guides will tell you how to keep your house safe, but for everyone who lives in an apartment, it’s just as important to set up precautions against home invaders.

Many of the basics of house security apply to apartments as well: close and lock your doors and windows even if you’re on the 2nd floor or higher, don’t let your mail pile up, etc. Since home invaders will case their marks, it’s important to make sure that they can’t identify a set schedule of when you’re not home.

Can you believe that 30% of burglaries occur because people just leave their doors and windows unlocked or open? Stay vigilant with your security to ensure that you don’t end up losing money in property loss and damage.

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1. Install a security camera

It may feel less intuitive to install a security camera in your home if you’re renting and not owning, but just because your residence may not be permanent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be keeping an eye out for intruders.

If your apartment needs a doorbell, then the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell is perfect for you! Super simple to install, it’s a subtle security precaution that will notify you immediately when someone approaches your door. To make it better, it's wireless so you don't need to do any wiring to your apartment building.

The Toucan Wireless Security Camera is very easy to set up both indoors and outdoors. Requesting permission from a landlord can be helpful if you want to install it on your wall, but keep in mind that this security camera can even be placed on your table, desk, or shelf and still be doing its job of keeping you safe!

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Whether you end up installing your security camera indoors or outdoors, it will still provide you with an instant notification if someone has invaded your space. Sound the siren alarm or speak to the intruders through the security camera’s 2-Way Talk feature. You can even contact the authorities quickly through the Toucan Smart Home app.

2. Get to know your neighbors

It’s a good idea to get to know your neighbors because they’ll be more likely to contact the authorities if they hear your security camera’s siren alarm going off. They’ll also be more likely to notice if someone strange is lurking in your apartment complex and let you know.

As part of a community, it’s also a good idea to figure out who actually lives nearby and who may be out of place. This way you can also notify your neighbors and landlord if there is someone suspicious coming around.

3. Install a deadbolt or chain lock

Having a better lock on your door will just make your overall living experience feel safer. Besides protecting ourselves from burglaries, this is also a good way to protect ourselves from any violent crimes.

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4. Install a security alarm system

Home security systems are not just for houses. For any gaps in attention you may have when keeping track of your security cameras, it’s great to have a backup security system that will contact the proper authorities in case of a break-in.

5. Report lost keys to your landlord immediately

Make sure your landlord changes your lock for you and try to avoid having one that may have been used in a different apartment in the same complex. To ensure property safety, you don’t want to assume that your key is simply lost forever. It’s possible that someone who has been watching your apartment complex has noticed you drop your key and now has potential access to your home.

Apartment Home Security & Security Cameras

6. Use automated lights

You can install them in your living room or your bedroom; just make sure they’re definitely noticeable from the outside! Lights can be programmed to turn on and off based on a schedule, or you can opt for lights that you can control remotely. By doing this, you’ll confuse possible intruders who are looking for a clear routine or consistent absence.

Since most burglaries actually happen during the day while people are at work or on vacation, use automated lights to make it look like someone’s home no matter where you actually are.

Apartment Home Security & Security Cameras

It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry with home security. We all want to avoid the vulnerability and costly consequences of home break-ins. Remember that even if your apartment is on the second floor or higher, it’s still vulnerable. Make sure you install your Toucan Wireless Outdoor and Indoor Security Camera and your https://toucansmarthome.com/products/wireless-video-camera to get a clear picture of the main points of entry to your apartment. Security is more effective when we take it into our own hands.

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