Keeping your Pets Safe this 4th of July & Beyond!

More often than not, when we talk about home security we think about protecting ourselves from burglars. We shouldn’t overlook the importance of keeping our furry friends safe though! There are many ways to make sure your pet feels safe at home, especially with July 4th and loud fireworks coming around the corner.

Take these extra precautions with your pets to make sure they stay safe:

Install a Toucan Security Camera!

You might be asking yourself why you would need a Wireless Video Doorbell to keep track of your pets. Before I had my Toucan Doorbell Camera, my dogs escaped twice and I had no idea until 1) I left the house, ready to go out and my dog was wandering around aimlessly on my driveway, and 2) I heard the sounds of excited puppy paw-steps just outside my bedroom window.

Whether it’s due to a faulty gate or escape artist pets, it’s possible for your pets to run away, and a Wireless Video Doorbell will notify you the moment they walk past the front of your home.

The same goes for installing a Toucan Wireless Outdoor Security Camera outside your home. However, you can also install one inside as well, or simply place it on a desk or shelf.

Dogs & Home Security - Outdoor Cameras

Why should I keep an eye on my pets?

It’s important to make sure that while you’re away during the day, your pets aren’t damaging parts of your home or getting into foods and other trouble that they shouldn’t be.

Dogs & Home Security - Outdoor Cameras


Try using the Two-Way Talk function to communicate with your pets. I started off by going into a different room and telling my dog to “sit”. It’s fun to communicate with my pups while I’m at work and they’re bored at home while my mother takes her afternoon naps!

July 4th is a big concern for pet lovers!

Dogs & Home Security - Outdoor Cameras

While holidays feel like all fun and games, a lot of pets attempt escape when scared on the 4th of July and can get hit by cars. You’ll want to keep your pets company and soothe them when this holiday comes around and the fireworks start going off. Try these some of these tips!

  • Give them a good, familiar place to hide; they’ll feel a little bit safer on a stressful night.
  • Make sure your dogs have an ID, collar, and/or microchip so they can easily be found if they do escape somehow.
  • Keep them cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer days and nights to make sure they’re not further stressed by heat.
  • Don’t feed them table scraps at the summer bbq! It might be tempting, but it’s not healthy for them. Many human foods are poisonous to our pets. Also keep in mind that the high calorie, high sodium foods that we eat at barbeques and parties are just not the kind of nutrition our fuzzy friends need!

Foods You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog

Foods You Shouldn't Feed Your  Cat

Cats & Home Security - Outdoor Cameras

Pets are a part of the family, so we need to keep them safe, especially during high-stress situations like 4th of July. You can also make sure they’re not getting into trouble while you’re not home by using Toucan Security Cameras to stay connected with them!

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