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Window Security Tips - Toucan Smart Home

They say the eyes are the window to your soul, and your windows are, well, the most common point of entry into your house for home invaders.

For anyone who’s had their home broken into before, they know that leaving their windows unprotected is a big mistake. A shattered sliding glass door, for example, is one of the easiest ways for someone to get into your home.

If you have a home security system, it’s possible you don’t have every window connected to the alarm system. Even if you do, the average home burglary only takes about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, some home security companies have delays in their notification systems to ensure maximum efficiency considering possible false alarms. After that, the company must often confirm with homeowners that there is an issue. Even assuming there’s no delay, the average police response takes about 10 minutes, leaving just enough time for intruders to ransack your belongings.

This is why you need to take steps to make sure that home invasion doesn’t happen in the first place.

1. Install a Toucan Security Camera


Window Security Tips - Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera


Window Security Tips - Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera


The best first defense against break-ins is wireless outdoor security cameras that send you immediate notifications.

The advantage of the Toucan Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera is that you can easily set it up anywhere, including next to your windows. The magnetic mount allows for quick adjustments so it can point at any angle to help you monitor your window security. The app makes it easy to instantly speak to intruders through the camera’s built-in speaker, sound a panic alarm, and directly call emergency phone numbers.

2. Good Old-Fashioned Window Security Bars

Window Security Tips - Toucan Smart Home

Most of us have seen the dark, iron bars that many associate with jail windows. While these are a surefire defense, they’re not always the prettiest to look at. Some people prefer to set up their iron bars inside their homes, complete with a quick-release system from within (in a position that intruders would not be able to reach from the outside if they break the window), so that residents can quickly escape during emergencies, such as fires.

Whether you ultimately decide to install iron bars inside or outside your window, you don’t have to give up your taste in home décor. All the way back in the late 1800s, people were already protecting their windows with beautiful patterns, often with added decorations. (Check out some cool designs on Pinterest!)

3. Window Guards

Just in case you want to keep that clear window look, there are even invisible window guard options these days. Clear security door and window guards constructed with a strong polycarbonate material can protect your home from anything — storms, intruders, even bullets.

For the homeowner who prefers that people can’t see inside their house, another option is steel window grids, perforated with tiny holes. This allows a breeze to still permeate while keeping out thieves and bugs.

4. Polycarbonate Bars

If what you’re looking for is something a little simpler, you can even purchase polycarbonate bars and install them on your windows yourself! Following online tutorials, space 2 or 3 polycarbonate bars evenly across your window to ensure that no one can fit through the cracks.

With their strength and flexibility, they can absorb as much impact as metal bars, often for a much cheaper price. The bars don’t change color with UV exposure and cannot rust, therefore requiring little upkeep to maintain. This gives you the option to have clear windows through which you can receive a full breeze.

5. Window Security Film

Window Security Tips - Toucan Smart Home

Nowadays, there are security films that reduce heat in our homes, protect us from UV light, and prevent break-ins. Even strong storms and high impact items, like bricks and hammers, can be halted by a thick film.

You can easily install this yourself by spraying water on your window and attaching the film with its adhesive. The biggest stressor here is getting out the air bubbles!

Unfortunately, films can’t save your window completely. Once hit, the glass will break, but the film will keep the shards in place, preventing a potential intruder from getting inside. It’s recommended to install the film on the inside of your window to prevent any pieces of glass from getting onto the floor of your home.

6. Rolling Security Shutters

Window Security Tips - Toucan Smart Home

If you’re ready to make a big financial investment in your window security, you can install rolling security shutters. These can be manually lowered over your window and bolted at night or when you leave your house. Higher cost options (approaching $1000) even let you control your shutters electronically. Flip a switch and watch the metal sheet come down, ensuring all light in the house is blocked out and that no one can break in through your windows. Watching these shutters in action makes you feel like a high-profile comic book character, and also, safer than ever.

Home security these days can really coincide with your personal lifestyle; there’s no need to trade beauty for brawn. Make sure you plan your window security to ensure you have a fire escape route in the event of an emergency.

Until you can choose the perfect window security option for you, make sure you keep your Toucan mobile app notifications turned ON as your best first line of defense! The Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera will give you notifications when motion is detected near your home and windows so you always know what's happening near your home.

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