Toucan Smart Home App Update - 2.1.02

We are always working hard to improve our app and it's been improving each update since we started to add our security system into the Toucan app back in January. Here is a list of updates on the latest version for Android and iOS users:

  • Emergency contact list 
  • Sometime one more repeated sconce light shown in dashboard, bug has been fixed
  • APP crash due to iOS 13: fixed and improved
  • Subscription charge for UK & EU countries: fixed
  • In-app instruction: added! Go to the question mark on the left hand corner to be able to few an in depth look at our features.
Toucan Smart Home - Wireless Outdoor Camera Features
  • Force upgrade: New device pairing & notification: when you first install the Toucan app, it will send a notification to update your firmware and app immediately to have the latest update.
  • Reorder Chime setting options as descending (same as PIR sensitivity)
  • String of force upgrade popup message can't be display completely, fixed
  • Display error in IP8 of in device setting page
  • Login flow improvement: Users were having issues logging in, this has been improved and will flow better

If you're still having issues with your device and app, please let us know! We are always looking to improve our app. Please send suggestions to

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