Top Tips on How Feel Secure in Your Home

We might take all the safety measures that we've read about online, but sometimes it’s just hard to actually feel safe and secure. You might be doing all the right things like locking your windows and doors, but somehow you still do not feel it is enough. This is largely in part due to our nature and human senses. By tending to our senses of sight and hearing, it will greatly help us to feel more secure by investing in home security and security camera systems. Here, we discuss some ways to calm your nerves and satisfy your senses when you’re at home.

 Wireless Outdoor Camera to help feel safer in your home

Install a Security Monitoring System

One of the easiest ways to take care of your home security is installing a security camera or video doorbell. A proper installation of a security system is known to increase safety and extend your own peace of mind so you are able to feel secure knowing you have an extra set of eyes. You can install wireless outdoor cameras or doorbell camera to get a better view of what’s going on around you, keeping you in tune to your surroundings at all times. Moreover, some security systems offer alarms to alert you in case of any attempt from intruders that are automatic or you can set off through your smart phone. Other security system options include wireless doorbell cameras that allow you to see who’s at your door without even having to open the door. With security cameras primarily operating through your smart phone, the new wave of security allows users to check in on their home at any time. Most cameras in 2020 give you instant notification to your phone when motion is detected, like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera, so you are able to act immediately.

Night light to help feel more secure in your home | Toucan Smart Home

Nightlights Are Not Only For Children

The number one reason for feeling unsafe is the darkness and the uncertainty of your surroundings. When you brighten up your surroundings, it naturally gives you a sense of security and of feeling less vulnerable. Energy-efficient bulbs are a popular choice, and keeping them on when it’s dark outside does wonders for the nerves. Nowadays, many outdoor lights come with motion-detecting sensors that light up when something is within it’s detection range. Certain outdoor cameras like a spotlight or a floodlight camera, also include this feature if you’re looking to have a light and outdoor camera in one. In addition, consider keeping your indoor lights on during the night, especially near windows, to ensure that the house isn’t completely dark.

 Close your windows to feel more secure in your home | Toucan Smart Home

Close The Curtains And Blinds

Don’t wait for it to get dark outside before you decide to close your curtains. People often overlook, or simply forget about this due to the gradual change in lighting from daylight to evening but keeping your window open could be dangerous.  At night, people from the outside can see clearly into your home when your lights are turned on with the windows exposed. To increase your sense of privacy and home security, make sure you close your curtains and blinds before it gets dark out.

Startling noises will make it harder to feel safe in your home | Toucan Smart Home

Remove Traces of Startling Sounds and Noises

Common reasons for strange sounds and noises at night are simply environmental or climate related. But even the slightly sound can still scare you to feeing unsafe. Since the weather doesn’t remain the same all year round, you might hear thumps, rattles or scratching sounds due to leaves, tree branches or a flailing door on a windy day. If you have wooden flooring, changes in temperature can make them squeak and creak more at different times of the year. Simply identifying the source of these noises around your house will lower anxiety, and if you can get rid of them, even better.


Use Entertainment to Block Out External Noises

Like many people, you might feel frightened when you hear noises outside, especially during the night even when you have checked to make sure it’s ok. However, as mentioned earlier, these are mainly just environmental factors. If you’ve already got proper security measures in place, and are unable to get to the source of these normal outside noises, simply blocking them out can help increase your sense of security. Take your mind off distracting noises by playing music or watching TV, dramas, movies, or whatever you want. The key is to take your mind off the noises when you.

Build a supportive community around you to feel more safe | Toucan Smart Home

Build a Supportive Community

Whether you live in a relatively safe neighborhood or not, you should always try to build a community. Get to know your neighbors and have everyone share their contacts so that you can all reach out to each other in case of emergencies. Simply knowing that you have good neighbors and a support network around will make a world of difference in making you feel safe. Knowing your neighbors can help when you see a person on your outdoor cameras or doorbell cameras as well to help you identify if there are strangers around or just your neighbor stopping by.

Sometimes even having the proper security measures in place might not make you feel safe. And what makes one person feel safe might not necessarily make another person feel safe. To really get to the root of this, you need to identify your sources of feeling frightened at home and working on getting rid of them or fixing them. Ultimately, when you start to feel more secure and comfortable at home, you’ll sleep better at night and live more worry-free during the day.

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