5 Home Security Tips For Fall

As much as it pains us to say it, the summer season has ended and fall is coming into full swing. The start of fall signals the beginning of cold weather with preparations for the coming holidays. With this new season change, it signals a good time to prepare for the upcoming season and do a periodic check on your home security and safety.

Some families will still gather this year with loved ones and continue to meet up while many others will likely still be making short trips. However, this also presents itself as an opportunity for burglars. Since family members may come and go, neighbors might find it difficult to recognize strangers and mistakenly think that they must be visiting someone in the neighborhood. As a result, even burglars are mistaken for guests. A device like a doorbell camera or outdoor camera will come in handy whether you are away or at home this holiday season. While all this may seem overwhelming, ensuring that you move into the fall season safely is important.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera for Fall

Securing Your House

Houses in the United States with an effective home security system are 33% less likely to be broken into compared to houses without one.  With many traveling for Thanksgiving weekend, securing your home for the fall season by making sure you have a wireless outdoor camera and a wireless video doorbell camera installed will be essential to see what is going on at your home on your trip. An outdoor camera and doorbell camera are effective deterrents against burglary with motion detection notification so you are see live who is around your home. Besides, you can find out whether the person knocking at the door should be allowed in or not which is great to see guests coming around your home or unknown visitors when you're away. Even if you’re not at home, having a home security system allows you to monitor any suspicious activity happening outside and around your home. 

Cleaning up leaves - Wireless Outdoor Security Camera for Fall

Landscaping for Safety

A clean and well-kept lawn makes for a more “lived-in” appearance. Burglars will likely think twice if they think that someone is home. It can’t be more true than in autumn when yards are full of leaves, which could attract undesirable attention from burglars.  One of the most important things to keep in mind for fall is to ensure your lawn and/or backyard is in order. The simple task of removing all the fallen leaves, or raking them into a nice and tidy pile helps give the residence an appearance of being occupied.  If you’re the festive type, don’t forget to clean up rotting pumpkins in your lawn and other decorations, and if you’re leaving town for a vacation, ask your neighbor to collect your mail to avoid it piling up, which is another clear sign that no one is home.

Fall landscaping - Wireless Outdoor Security Camera for Fall

Secure your Home’s Windows

During the summer, depending on your region, many homeowners tend to remove storm shutters from their windows as a means to promote better ventilation. However, keeping it that way during the fall isn’t a wise idea especially if you live in an area where storms are prevalent. As soon as the fall season approaches, remember to put back your storm shutters. It’ll not only protect your interior from autumn storms, but blocks a potential entrance for burglars.

Fire Safety

During the colder season, an increase use of the fireplace and candles will be on the agenda to make your house nice and cozy. But, these can be potentially dangerous. On average, 21 home candle fires were reported per day.

  • Make sure you are in the room with candles being lit and do not put any decorations or items near the candle.
  • Service your furnace if you have one to ensure it's working properly and up to date.
  • Open your fireplace vent before you start your fire to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Do not leave a burning fire unattended and ensure the fire is completely out before going to bed.

These are just some of the simple and effective tips to take into consideration for making your fall a safer one. It’s necessary to give importance to your home’s security, and consider enhancing security with technology, a little elbow grease and simple hardware during the autumn season.  We hope that these tips come in handy to ensure your protection during the fall season.

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