Should You Keep Your Security Cameras Hidden?

When purchasing a home security system, we ask ourselves, “What’s the best place I can install my security camera to get the most coverage and greatest value?”

Security Cameras and Outdoor Cameras - Should you keep it hidden?

After figuring out which spots on our properties offer the best angles, it’s time to consider whether you want your cameras out in plain view or hidden.

There’s no real right or wrong answer for this. In fact, my recommendation is that you have both hidden and visible security cameras around your home. This is because both placement strategies offer different benefits that will keep your home safer.

Benefits of Visible Security Cameras

Security Cameras and Outdoor Cameras - Should you keep it hidden?

You’ve probably noticed that most public places choose to have their security cameras out in the open. This is because clearly visible security cameras let criminals know that there is surveillance set up and presumably other security measures as well. This deters less professional and less dedicated burglars and thieves. If they don’t want to take the time and resources to avoid the security cameras, then they know that this is not the mark for them.

However, since the cameras are visible, they can be tampered with. Burglars may also choose to scope out a path that isn’t covered by the security cameras’ field of vision.

Benefits of Hidden Security Cameras

Hidden security cameras can’t be tampered with if criminals are unaware of their existence. They also can’t be avoided by a burglar.

However, the security cameras’ hiding spots can limit their field of vision. For example, if you choose to place your Toucan camera inside a bush so that it’s covered by leaves, you won’t get the full 131-degree field of vision you’d have if it was placed out in the open.

It also limits where you can place your camera, since you need to consider an inconspicuous location with surroundings that can sufficiently cover it up.

So how should you set up your Toucan Security Cameras?

Front Door

Visible Doorbell Camera

The most common point of entry for burglars is the front door. That’s why the first piece of your security setup needs to be the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell. Most burglars will notice if you have a video doorbell right away, so it’s a good idea to also have a Wireless Outdoor Security Camera nearby on your porch. Install the security camera about 7 feet above the ground and make sure it’s angled to catch an unwanted intruder’s face. Partially conceal this camera so it’s not noticeable as people will less likely suspect that you have 2 cameras guarding your front door. You can use hanging potted plants, a bird house, or other home decorations to make your security camera less visible.


Security Cameras and Outdoor Cameras - Should you keep it hidden?

It’s easy to hide a security camera indoors, even in plain sight. Try placing it on your desk or a book shelf among other items so you can get a clear, full live feed of an entire room while your camera is partially hidden among your everyday belongings. Also try setting up clearly visible Toucan cameras indoors so anyone who may be casing your home in detail will know that you have thorough security.

Everywhere Else

Consider having both hidden and visible cameras facing the same angle. This way, if someone tries to tamper with the visible one, you’ll get a clear picture of their face from the hidden one.

Also consider having hidden and visible cameras facing opposite angles to get a full picture of the whole room or yard. Suspicious persons may think that since they found one camera, clearly visible, that there will not be another one hidden and recording them. Use this to your advantage!

Security Cameras and Outdoor Cameras - Should you keep it hidden?

The Toucan Wireless Outdoor and Indoor Camera is so easy to install, you can place it virtually anywhere. It gives you a lot of flexibility in setting up total coverage security on your property. Keep in mind that the mount will magnetically attach to metallic surfaces with no need for adhesives or screws. It’s easy and convenient, so you can choose the best spots for your security cameras even through trial and error. Use these tips to set up full, comprehensive home security to keep your property safe!

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