How Motion Detection Works On Your Device

So exactly how does motion detection work on your Outdoor Camera and Video Doorbells? 

How Your Wireless Outdoor Camera Works:

Toucan’s Wireless Outdoor Camera and Wireless Video Doorbell use two different ways to detect motion, which are used the time, in order to do our best at making sure you only get the notifications you want.

Our cameras have a motion sensor built into them on the front of your device below the lens in the form of a Passive InfraRed (or PIR) motion sensor. This PIR uses very little power, and detects when a warm body/object (human, car, animal, etc) moves in front of it. This is the same kind of motion sensor that alarm systems use.

Once that built-in sensor gets triggered by a warm body, it wakes up the camera. The camera will compare a few frames of video to determine if the device actually saw anything moving. If the camera reviews and thinks it didn’t, the camera goes back to sleep. If the camera thinks it saw something moving after the motion sensor was triggered, the device starts recording. This is called “Dual-Trigger Motion Detection”.

Wireless Outdoor Camera Motion Detection

In short:

Step 1 – Motion sensor is triggered, wakes up the camera

Step 2 – Camera checks to see if there’s anything moving, then starts recording and you receive a push notification.

To help you understand your device more, we will be posting your most popular questions with an in-depth answer to learn more about the device and exactly what it could do for you!


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The motion detection on our camera isn’t working anymore, can you tell me how into fix it Thanks

Wilkin Sheryl April 07, 2021

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