How Security Cameras Can Help Keep You and Your Family Safe in 2020

If you're looking for new ways to help protect you and your family, we understand. 2020 is becoming a year of the unknown but we want to keep our first priority of keeping you and your family safe.

To make sure you're family is staying safe and keeping their distance, we've provided some ways to maximize your security system use to help you and your family.

1. Communicate with the delivery person through two way audio

Two Way Audio - Wireless Video Doorbell


If you're ordering any groceries, to-go food online and getting the food delivered, you can still communicate with the delivery person from inside your home and share your thanks and see when it's arrived. Once the person is at your door, you will receive a notification through the Toucan app on your smart home and can use two-way communication through the Video Doorbell or Wireless Outdoor Camera to reduce the physical distance between you and the delivery person instead of opening your door. With the two way communication, you can let them know where to place the food or package and receive the food/package at the door when they leave.

2. Help prevent against package theft

Package Theft - Wireless Video Doorbell


Nearly 8 out of 10 U.S adults are regular online shoppers. With an increase in online shopping whether it's for convenience or you're unable to go to the stores you like, protecting your package delivery is crucial in 2020. An estimated 38% of online shoppers have fallen victim to package theft.

To prevent package theft, installing a video doorbell like the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell will send alerts to your phone when motion is detected so you can see the packages directly on the ground with 180 degree angle view. Being able to watch the package be delivered and to see the package in the same frame is ideal to help keep an eye on your package to prevent it from being stolen.

3. Make special visits through your security cameras

Wireless Video Doorbell


Have a relative or friend who is having a birthday? Or maybe a neighbor that needs cheering up? You can go to your friend and send them a little birthday surprise or message through their video doorbell or outdoor camera so even though you can't be together, you can still share some cheer. This can be a great way to stay connected with others even though you need to keep your physical distance from each other.

4. Instant notifications to your phone to be alert what's happening outside when you're inside.

Motion Detection - Wireless Video Doorbell


Instead of opening up the door to just anything on your porch or any noise, these instant notifications are perfect to see what is happening on your porch without going outside Once motion is detected, a notification is triggered to your smart phone and starts recording video so you can watch the live feed if they are still at the door and use other features like two way talk or a siren to still communicate through the situation. Whether it's your gardener or just animal, you can see what's happening from the comfort of inside your home.

5. Using a security camera to monitor shared lived spaces

Wireless Outdoor Camera - Indoor Security Cameras

With a lot more people in your home than you're used to right now, having a camera indoor to help monitor all the activity can be helpful. If you're parent that needs a break from the kids, you can place a security camera indoors to still be able to take your downtown and keep an eye on your child. If you're working from home, this is the great option to keep an eye on your kids or pets while you're working in a separate room to stay focused.

The Wireless Outdoor Camera can be placed anywhere and with a magnetic mount and base, easily move the camera to anywhere that needs coverage.

Here at Toucan, we hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their distance. 


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