Common Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you've been installing home security cameras in your home for a while or just starting out, there's always more information to be educated on. Home security is a critical aspect to feeling safe and comfortable in your home and you never know when something can help.

According to FBI statistics, there is one burglary every 13 seconds in 2019, compared to every 16 seconds in 2013. Many homes get insurance for natural disasters or prepare a savings account for job loss but preparing your home for a home invasion is just equally important.

Home Security Mistakes - Toucan Smart Home

Here is a list of common home security mistakes in homes:

Hiding a Key Under a Doormat/Anywhere Outside

    The first place that a home intruder is going to check to get into your home will be under the doormat, under a potted plant, under nearby rocks and at the top of the door frame. Even if you want something nearby for those days where you do leave your keys inside, finding a secure location or hiding a safe in a nearby location that can be accessed with a secure safe code.

    Leaving a Ladder in Your Backyard or Side yard

    If you regularly use a ladder to do work on your roof or backyard area, make sure you safely place it in your garage after use. Especially if you are living in a two story house, an intruder can use this ladder to get to the second story where residents are less likely to keep locked. This access to a ladder gives easy access to a burglar using the ladder to sneak into the second story

    Not Changing the Locks

    Like anything else in your home, locks can become damaged over time and it does require maintenance to make sure they are working properly. Even if they feel a little loose or you notice it's getting more difficult to keep the locks or door shut, replace the locks immediately. Residents should change their locks when moving, you lose your keys, divorce or after a home burglary.

    Home Security Mistakes - Toucan Smart Home

    Forgetting to Lock Your Garage Door

    Do you use the side garage door as your entry point if you lock yourself out or don't have your keys on you? This can become dangerous overtime by being negligent to keep this area closed at night or when you're away. Before any window breaking or forced entry, burglars check for unlocked doors at any point of entry connected to the house. 

    TIP: A security camera connecting in the light fixture in your garage like the Toucan Security Camera is perfect to see who is parking in the garage and who is coming in and out throughout the day to keep watch on the activity in this area.

    Using Fake Security Equipment

    While it's easy to search online for a pack of fake security cameras, burglars are smarter than we think. With DIY security systems becoming more and more popular, burglars are educated on which brands are real and which are fake. While it's cheaper option, you will be paying later on in case something does happen on your property.

    Move Valuables Away From Windows

    If someone is looking into breaking into a home, they'll base their decision based on what they can observe from your windows. Having a large flat screen or case of precious items in your front room, can be an invitation for burglars if they see something they want that's easily accessible through a door.

    Cluttered porches and high vegetation

    Taking a break from cleaning up your front porch and yard gives the impression to burglars that you aren't serious about up keeping your property or your belongings if you have tools or children's toys on your lawn. This could give the opportunity for the burglar to specifically go toward your home because they'll believe the rest of the home isn't protected or up kept with locks or security cameras. If you're looking for protection for your front porch, we recommend the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell  with 180° field of view to get the best view of your whole porch.

    Forgetting to lock windows

    On a spring or summer day, you'll probably have those windows open often to get some fresh air the home. Whether you are opening up your windows often or not at all, it's important to go through and check your windows before you leave your home and before you go to bed to ensure they are locked. The most popular times home invasions occur are between 12 PM and 4 PM, so ensuring they are locked when you're away for the daytime is crucial

    Not having a security system

      It's very common to think "that would never happen to me in my neighborhood" when you hear stories about theft, porch pirates or home invasions. But it's still an increasing problem as years continue. Installing a security camera system in your home is still the most effective way to have the peace of mind that your home is safe. The Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera and Toucan Outdoor Security Camera provide a wire-free and wired option to determine what best fits your home.

      Home Security Mistakes - No Wireless Outdoor Camera

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