Where Should Your Place Your Security Camera?

So you just got a security camera or looking to buy one...but where would you put it? If you are living in an apartment, this decision might come easier. But if you live in a townhouse or a house with a yard, this gets a bit trickier when it comes to identifying the best place to place a security camera to maximize the safety. 

Before you place your security camera, it's important to answer a few questions to help identify the priorities of why you got a security camera. 

Purchasing a Security Camera:

Are you:

  • looking to prevent package theft?
  • looking to keep an eye on your kids coming home and leaving?
  • trying to protect your garage? side door?
  • wanting to watch your pets in the backyard when you're away?
  • wanting to take care of elderly parents and see when they come home?
  • wanting to see your parents inside their home to make sure they're okay?
  • looking for a camera for a baby monitor?

This list can go on and on, but it's important to identify exactly why you are looking to purchase the camera to help determine the placement that is best for your needs.

Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell

Front Porch:

The top location for a security camera is your front door and front porch area. This is essential to be able to see who is coming by your home whether it's solicitors, neighbors, the person delivering your packages, your family or friends coming by. Even if you live in a "safe" neighborhood, you will want that extra peace of mind to be able to see if anyone is coming by your home when you're away with a security camera. 

34% of burglars go through the front door more than any other entry point. Covering this area, is essential to be able to protect your home. There are two great options for covering your front porch. The Toucan Video Doorbell works as a doorbell with a wireless doorbell chime included to still use as a doorbell that also functions as a security camera to cover your front. With 180° field of view, you can directly see the doorstep to keep track of any packages that are delivered.

To upgrade your smart home automation, the Toucan Security Camera directly connects to your light fixture and turns your porch light smart! So you can control when you want the porch lights to turn on/off and schedule all from your smart phone.

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera - Where to Place Your Security Camera

Side Yard/Back Yard:

Got some teenagers sneaking out at night or have gardeners/pool cleaners come through your side yard? Having a security camera in your backyard and side yard are equally as essential as the front yard to see what's happening in your surrounding property.

22% of burglars enter through the side door, due to the negligence in locking and securing your side door. Knowing any activity in this area is essential as it's not the typical notification you'll get at your phone. If you have the opportunity to secure this area, it should be next on the list.

Since every backyard area is different, you should consider whatever kind of wiring is in your backyard and side yard area. If you have limited wiring and want the freedom to place the security camera anywhere, the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera is wire free and can be installed with a single screw. This freedom and easy installation is essential to make sure you're getting the coverage you need.

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera - Where to Place Your Security Camera


Have you ever gotten worried you didn't close the garage door? Receive the peace of mind that your garage door is closed and secure with being able to view the live feed at all time through a security camera. Not only is this an easy entry point into the home but also an area in your home filled with old treasures, cars and expensive tool items you need is another area that needs to be properly protected. If you park in the garage, this is also a great way to monitor when someone is coming home.

For garage use, if you have a light fixture somewhere on the wall, The Toucan Security Camera is a great way to monitor the activity in your garage if you want wiring. If you're looking for a battery operated camera to place anywhere if you don't have a light fixture in your garage, the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera will help you get the garage covered.

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera - Where to Place Your Security Camera


If you're concerned about indoor activity like checking on your pets, checking on elderly parents or your children, getting a camera for your living room or family room is the next best place to monitor. Being able to watch your teenagers come home at night or see who is coming in and out of your house or to keep watch of your new animals, the benefits of an indoor camera never stop. 

While a lot of camera market outdoor use, any camera could still be used indoor. To place anywhere in your home, the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera is the best option to place anywhere where you'd like coverage in your living room, hallway, kitchen and other areas to get the coverage you'd like without the stress of worrying about wiring.


Whether you're starting your home security journey for the first time or looking for a new area in your home to place a camera, keeping these areas in mind are essential to creating the best environment for your home to feel safe.

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