Toucan App and Firmware Update - 2.2.9 & 2.2.8

Throughout the last year since we have released our Toucan Smart Home app and new products, the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera and Wireless Video Doorbell. We are excited to announce this is our biggest update for those devices yet! We released a new firmware for our security camera and doorbell camera along with updating the Toucan Smart Home app. The firmware fixes bugs and issues for users to have a smoother experience with their devices. In addition, this firmware updates our devices to make room for more features to better your home security. 

Here is a list of fixes on the new firmware on the Wireless Video Doorbell (Version 0.02.050) and Wireless Outdoor Camera (Version 0.02.035):

  • Adjusts wifi settings on the cameras, so you should get consistent connections to your camera at consistent speeds
  • Fixes a few bugs, including one that would lead to a failure on connecting to the camera for live stream
  • New “False Trigger” cooldown times to help save your batteries when something keeps triggering your cameras. This happens automatically, so it’s not something you’ll even need to think about.
  • Auto-Greeting voice changes – We’ve improved the voices for the auto-greetings as well as the reply buttons on the doorbells and cameras

New App Features for iPhone (2.2.9) and Android (2.2.8):

  • Motion Zones – Customize where, in your camera’s field of view, you want it to detect motion. Helps to minimize false alerts
  • Motion Snooze Scheduling – You can already turn off the motion sensor on your camera for up to 12 hours at a time. Now you’ll be able to schedule it! It helps save your battery and minimizes false alerts.
  • Language Selection
  • Alternative verification - instead of using your email for new account registration, we are offering text message verification as well if your email is not working.
  • Added Atlantic Standard Time Zone


Overall, you’re going to see major improvements in how the motion detection performs and how consistent and reliable your cameras will be after the update. If you have any questions on this update, please comment or reach out to us at

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