How to Fix: Why is my Toucan camera battery draining quickly?

When you're getting a wireless electronic device, the biggest concern is always the battery length. If you've had your Wireless Video Doorbell or Wireless Outdoor Camera for a while, you should be checking your camera battery weekly to make sure it's charged and also not draining too quickly. 

Since the doorbell camera and outdoor camera are motion sensor cameras, the battery will drain depending on how many activities are being captured per day. If you have 20+ recordings a day, your Wireless Video Doorbell or Wireless Outdoor Camera will not last as long compared to those who have less than 10 recordings a day. If you're opening the Live Feed often throughout the day, this also turns the camera on will affect the battery.

Wireless Outdoor Camera battery

When you're checking to see if you battery drains "quickly", it depends how you would define "quickly." If you’ve just charged it up fully or 3-4 hours, and within 24 hours the battery is completely flat, that’s probably a problem with the built-in battery and we recommend you reach out to our customer service to .

If the battery is lasting longer than that, here’s a few possibilities:

1 . You are running an old firmware

Some devices have an older firmware which was causing battery draining issues. On the latest firmware 0.02.058, however, this shouldn’t be an issue. In the Toucan app, go to Settings>Device Update and see if any of your devices have a firmware update available.

2. Your outdoor camera or doorbell camera's motion sensor is getting repeatedly triggered by something moving, but the camera itself doesn’t actually see anything moving

To see if your camera is detecting something repeatedly, try taking the camera down, then put it in a drawer or some other place where it’s not likely to detect motion. From here, see if the battery level is still draining quickly or falsely detecting motion. If the battery stops draining, see if there’s anything near where the camera by your front door (a flag, branch etc) was that might be triggering it.

If the battery is draining still, please reach out to us so we can further look into your device in the comments below or at

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