How to Find the Best Security Camera For You - Security Camera Buying Guide

Home security is increasing as a whole every day with new technology and new products releasing. It's easy to get overwhelmed with different options so we created this guide to help narrow down the best security camera for your home.

Types of Security Cameras:

Wired security cameras are the most traditional form of security cameras and have been around the longest. These cameras connect to your home network and will send alert to your phone or computer devices when motion has been detected. These cameras require more hard-wiring in your home to connect to outlets that are designed to run without the need of worrying about battery power. The major advantage of these hard wired security cameras is not having the worry about battery power because in some cases, the battery may die when you are away traveling. The disadvantages of the wired cameras is they can require a lengthy installation process and you may need to hire someone to install it for you in some cases depending on the type of wiring involved. In addition due to the wiring, this limits the ability and freedom of where you would like to place your security camera. Since the camera is wired, it can only be installed near the wiring or near outlets, so you might not be able to place the security camera in the exact spot you would like.

Wireless security cameras continues to be a growing industry within the past years as many people enjoy the DIY installation. These cameras connect to your WiFi connect to operate and operate solely on battery power. Connecting your home network and phone device, you are able to view live feed through your WiFi connection and the paired application on your phone at any time. The freedom to be able to place this wireless battery operated security camera is a major highlight and a huge pull toward the product since you have the ability to place it anywhere you would like indoor/outdoor regardless if there is outlet nearby. However, through the wireless system, most wireless security cameras can have expensive monthly subscription fees to have access to certain amounts of footage since they are stored through a cloud. With battery operated products, there is also a concern about battery life and having to take the time to charge the camera or in the worst case, the camera dies when you most need it.

Video Doorbells can be the best of both a doorbell and a security camera in one product! 2 options are available for video doorbells including a wire free option and a wired video doorbell. Video doorbells include features like two way talk, notifications to your smart phone when someone or something is detected near the video doorbell and/or a phone call to your phone when the doorbell button is pressed. Many homes have existing doorbells that you can use to wire into the wired video doorbells. Homes without doorbells should look for a wireless video doorbell on the market if their main focus is the front porch. Depending on how much home security you are looking for, a video doorbell is a great stepping stone into the home security network if you're looking to see how you like being able to view packages arriving or people stopping by before expanding your home security network to a backyard, garage, side yard if you have one. Some video doorbell models include a memory slot for storage while many use the cloud system. A disadvantage for video doorbells is they most likely require a monthly cloud storage fees to get access to additional features.

What features to look for:

Different products require different features to work with their product so it's important to look for products that you feel like fit best with why you need a security camera.

Two way audio to be able to talk to whoever is near the camera including family, guests, neighbors, and even intruders. You can use this feature to scare them away and let them know you are calling 911.

Notifications to your phone when motion is near so you can stay aware of whats happening at your home when you're away. If you're on vacation or out of town, these notifications are important to let you still be in know of activity around your property.

Weatherproof design so you can trust that the technology is protected during the harshest winters or the hottest summers.

Wide camera lens to be able to see the most vertically and horizontally to get a full picture of what's happening near your home without worrying about blind spots.

Other things to keep in mind: 

Personal Budget: Some security cameras can be very pricey while others can be low cost and affordable. When looking for a security cameras, make sure to set a price you're willing to spend and find a security camera product that can easily fit into the budget that you're currently at and a budget that may exist in the future.

Product line family: Do multiple security cameras connect to each other easily? Does the company I'm purchasing from offer different types of security cameras to connect with so it can be on one app and a single subscription plan? While you may be looking for one security camera at the moment, it's important to still consider the possibilities of extending the security camera line and what is offered.

Installation process: Do you rent your home and have restrictions on what you can install in the house? or do you own your property? If you have an apartment, can you install things easily? If you choose a wired security camera, is hiring someone to install it for you an option? These questions will be crucial to ask when deciding what limits you  have to place when choosing a camera.

App Subscription Fees: Most security systems require a subscription for additional features like more video downloads, longer cloud storage, more device connection and more app sharing. Compare subscription plans to find what will suit your budget and needs.


Wired: Toucan Outdoor Security Camera

Avoiding the hard installation process of other wired security camera, this Outdoor Security Camera connects to the light fixture through a single USB wire a smart lightbulb socket to connect within 15 minutes. Since it is still wired through your front light fixture, you do not have to worry about battery life as long as you keep your porch light on. Since the camera is connected through a smart socket, you can control when the lightbulb is on/off through your smartphone, turning your lightbulb into a smart light!

Other features include: 

  • 2 hour playback video, 24 hour live feed
  • Two way talk
  • Siren alarm and emergency call to 911
  • Instant notifications to your phone when motion is detected
  • Adjustable motion sensitivity
  • Works through Kuna app

Available on Amazon at $99.95. Promotion currently listed at $59.95! 

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera include many features you're looking for and more! 

  • Magnetic mount giving the ability to adjust the camera body to any angle
  • 100% wire free with built in rechargeable battery
  • Works with Echo Show and Google Nest Home Hub
  • Weatherproof
  • 2 way audio
  • Night vision
  • Siren alarm and emergency call of your choice
  • 24 hour FREE look back footage
  • 131° wide angle lens and 1080p Full HD video
  • Affordable subscription of $2.99
  • Works through Toucan app, pairs with Doorbell & Sconce Light

Available on Amazon for $79.99.

Video Doorbell: Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell

The latest addition to the video doorbell industry is the Toucan Video Doorbell with 180­° field of view to be able to even see the packages on the ground under the camera. No need to worry about if you have an existing doorbell or not because this includes a wireless chime to place in your home and battery operated to offer you the ability to place the doorbell anywhere and hear a traditional chime when the doorbell is pressed.

  • 180° wide angle horizontal and vertical 
  • 100% wire free with built in rechargeable battery
  • Night vision
  • Works with Echo Show and Google Nest Home Hub
  • Focus area screen to lock your screen on a selected area (i.e package)
  • Weatherproof
  • 2 way audio
  • Siren alarm and emergency call of your choice
  • 24 hour FREE look back footage
  • Affordable subscription of $2.99
  • Works through Toucan app, pairs with Outdoor Camera & Sconce Light

Available on Amazon for $89.99.


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