5 Tips for Workplace Security

Many people spend a good portion of their day at work, thus implementing excellent security measures in the workplace shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not only is it important for keeping company assets well-guarded, but also paramount for employee well-being and peace of mind. We’ll discuss how tools like wireless doorbells, HD wireless security cameras, access controls and employee training can play an important role in office security.

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Securing the Premises

If you thought about securing the front door or main lobby first, then you’re on the right track. Placing surveillance such as HD wireless security cameras directed towards the front door can help thwart off and capture security breaches. However, in case of situations where there may be limited manpower, implementing a smart video doorbell is also a wise choice. If the office does need to be left unmanned, a smart video doorbell will allow you to see both welcome and unwelcome visitors, intercept suspicious activity and allow you to communicate through two-way audio. Besides the front door, be sure to secure all points of entry for maximum effectiveness.

Access Control

A surprising number of office breaches occur during the time when employees leave the premises, often leaving doors open and unlocked. While this major security flaw could be easily avoided by setting a policy of never leaving the office unmanned, there’s still no guarantee it will be followed strictly. An access control management system can help resolve this issue. Access key cards for employees and visitors help remove the need for locking and unlocking doors with a traditional key. In addition, you’ll be able to track who goes in and out of the office throughout the day.

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Alarm and Security Systems

In addition to wireless video security systems, doorbell and camera combinations, traditional alarms are a proven and excellent theft deterrent. Don’t underestimate this age-old method of security. Besides detecting and discouraging a potential break-in, modern systems automatically notify authorities or private security services to handle the situation quickly and effectively. Alarms are still at the top of many office security lists.

Monitoring the Workspace and Assets

Aside from all the hi-tech surveillance systems in place, you may consider monitoring all office equipment with special tags and individual serial numbers. Simple labelling methods go a long way to help increase office security. They allow you to categorize and keep a registry of all your companies important assets as well as employee belongings. It’s a good idea to make this list publicly available so that each employee knows who owns what, and also provides an effective method for allowing everyone to cross-check equipment.

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Employee Training

You invested in a good amount of surveillance equipment such as HD wireless security cameras, video doorbells, notification alarm systems and asset monitoring techniques. However, what’s the use if employees don’t know how to use them? Investing in training for employees and the workforce is crucial for effective office security. It’s imperative that employees understand your offices emergency protocols and related tools so that they’ll know what to do in case an incident occurs. So whether it’s the video doorbells, keycard locks, surveillance monitoring equipment or asset control, it should be a team effort to ensure that everything is in working order. It’s a good idea to do regular maintenance and check-ups on all security equipment. With the proper security measures in place and a well-trained staff, you’ll be able to safe-guard your office as well as keep the most precious asset, your employees, feeling safe and secure.

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