10 Tips to Prevent Package Theft

Online shopping is increasing in popularity every year which also results in more opportunities for package theft. Porch pirates increase each year and continues to become a widespread problem. Due to package theft, many homes are looking to purchase a video doorbell to track packages and finding new ways to keep their packages safe.

90,000 packages in New York City alone disappeared daily in 2019, which is a 20% increase from 4 years earlier. In other parts of the US, more than 1.7 million packages go missing or are stolen daily.

While it's easy to think that this wouldn't be happen to us, but increasing rate of porch theft cases, it's important to start thinking about way to protect our home and consumer goods.

Here are 10 of our best package theft prevention tips to incorporate into your lifestyle and online shopping.

1. Get a Video Doorbell

The best way to be able to see what's happening when you're away is setting up a video doorbell system, like the Toucan Video Doorbell, to see when packages are delivered and be able to know when someone is tampering with your delivered belongings. 

Toucan Video Doorbell includes a 180° angle view so you can view the doorstep that has your package on it, even when your package is placed right next to your door. This wireless video doorbell includes two way audio to speak to the delivery person or to the person messing with your packages, siren alarm, instant notifications when motion is detected and FREE 24 hour look back recorded footage.


Video Doorbell Comparison - Doorbell Camera Buying Guide

2. Add delivery instructions

When you're at the checkout portion of your online purchase, it's easy to skip over the small section at the bottom for delivery instructions to your Amazon driver. Instead of leaving it blank, include directions to leave the package behind a bush in your front yard or for the item to be left with person at the front desk if you live in an apartment instead of having it sit outside of your door.

This can help prevent leaving packages exposed on your doorstep, making it more accessible for a porch pirate to take your items.

3. Don't let packages sit outside for too long

The sooner you get your packages inside, the better. While it's easy to walk by them without thinking twice, make sure to bring them inside to make sure they are kept in a safe space. If you're away from work most of the day and risk having the packages on the doorstep for a few hours, consider getting the packages shipped to your work space to lower the worry of package theft.

This also goes for traveling. If you're away traveling or order something when traveling, try to push your purchases to be delivered before or after your trip so someone is at your residence to bring the package indoors.

If you have packages waiting on your doorstep, the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell is extremely helpful with the 180° angle so you can keep watch of the package all day long on the live view through the Toucan app. With recorded videos, you can watch your package get dropped off and 

4. Request your delivery requires a signature

Not all places have this options on your checkout section but if possible, try to request a signature with your delivery. If you aren't at your residence to sign the item, the delivery service will hold your item and return to your home the next day or have it at the post office to pick up.

5. Make it clear you home is protected

Put security signs or security decals on your windows or door to let others know that you're home is protected and cameras are active. Decals like these are included to put on your home in the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell and the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera packages. 

Video Doorbell Comparison - Doorbell Camera Buying Guide

6. Track package with delivery alerts

Keep track of your tracking numbers and know when your package is being delivered. If you are ordering through Amazon, make sure you have the Amazon app downloaded to your smartphone and turn notifications on. Amazon does a great job with updating the tracking number and even posting a picture of the package at your door when it has been delivered. 

If you're ordering from another website that uses a different carrier, track your email tied to the purchase to view your tracking number to know what day it's being delivered and to track any issues along the way. If you are purchasing from our website or other ecommerce sites that use Shop, you can use Shop to get your notifications and manage all your online orders in one place on the Shop app. 

7. Purchase package insurance

Depending on what you're purchasing, you can purchase shipping insurance to help protect your packages from theft or disappearance. If the contents of your delivery are worth $100 or less, you may already be covered depending on your package carrier.

Packages that contain products over $100, are not covered so we recommend looking at different package insurance options when making those larger purchases.

8. Talk with neighbors

During the heavy package seasons like the holidays, check in with your neighbors to work together to prevent package theft or disappearing packages. If you thought your package may have been stolen, creating a relationship with your neighbors is essential to checking in with them to see if the package was delivered to the wrong house or if there has been different incidents of package thefts with other residences.

9. Get items delivered to an Amazon locker or P.O Box

If your home, apartment or work isn't the best place to ship a package, you can always get your package delivered to a P.O or the new Amazon locker hubs. The Amazon Hub lockers are a self-service kiosk that let you pick up your package at a time or date that is convenient to you in more than 900 cities in the US. There is no additional cost to you to use an Amazon locker.

If you don't have an Amazon locker near you that's convenient, you can invest in a P.O box to have your packages still be delivered in a secure location with a key.

10. Choose packaging that conceal what's inside the box

Some packages include information on the box that include what's inside the package or information like the shipping from address can giveaway what's inside. When purchasing something online, you can choose gift wrapping to conceal where it's shipping from and the information of the content. On Amazon, certain packages qualify with basic packaging that doesn't show the content inside. Find more information here.

Investing money in these procedure also means we should be investing time and money to protect these packages. 

Check out the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell with 180 degree angle to see your packages directly on the ground and take the next step for your package security.

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