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General FAQ

Customer Service Information

What are the office hours? Do you have a location?

How do I contact customer service?

What information do I need before I contact the customer service?

Return and Refund

I am not satisfied with my purchase, I want a refund. Who do I contact?

What is Toucan Return Policy?


What is Toucan Shipping Policy?

I am shipping in my product for repair or exchange, What do I need?


What does a manufacture’s warranty include?

Product FAQ

Wireless Outdoor Camera

How do I connect my Toucan Video Doorbell and Wireless Camera with my Amazon Alexa device?

How do I connect my Toucan Video Doorbell and Wireless Camera with my Google Assistant??

If I order and install 2-3 cameras, can I see them all in one feed on my desktop or laptop?

For the Wireless Outdoor Camera, can you angle the camera body to be 45-degree?

How far will the Wireless Outdoor Camera pick up motion?

Does the Wireless Outdoor Camera have the option to be wired?

How do I adjust the siren volume in the Wireless Outdoor Camera?

How do I turn off the notifications on the cameras so I won't receive notifications to my phone?

Can I pair the Wireless Outdoor Camera and Video Doorbell with the Toucan Kuna Security Camera?

How do I set it up to view all cameras at once or will I have to do each camera separately?

What is included in the packaging of the Wireless Outdoor Camera and the Wireless Outdoor Camera?

What is the battery life for the Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Outdoor Camera?

Wireless Video Doorbell

Can I set up the video doorbell to pair with my computer instead of a phone?

How far can the distance be between the video doorbell and the doorbell chime?

How long do you need to charge the Wireless Video Doorbell? How can you tell when its fully charged?

Do you sell extra rechargeable batteries for the wireless camera and video doorbell?

What is the distance the Video Doorbell can be away from the wifi router? I have a large entrance gate that is around 200 ft away from the house

Toucan Smart Home App

What is a Toucan Shield Plan?

Regarding your PRO subscription, with 2 or more Wireless Outdoor Cameras, is it $2.99 per camera? Or is it $2.99 for all cameras in the same account?

What version of iPhone or Android will I need for the mobile version of the app?

Does the Wireless Outdoor Camera or Wireless Video Doorbell work with third-party apps for smart home devices?

How do I change the time on the timestamp?

Toucan Smart Sconce Light

How does the Toucan Smart Sconce Light work?