How Security Cameras Can Help Senior Living

Security cameras can help your home in a number of ways. But how can they benefit different age groups? Seniors especially can benefit from owning indoor or outdoor cameras to monitor their home with the help of their family in ways you haven’t thought about. Owning a doorbell camera and wireless outdoor camera can help with daily activities like seeing family come by, helping monitor their home, monitor their health and maintain their independence. In this blog, we'll be exploring the ways that security system can benefit elders.

Reasons to Get a Security Camera:

1. Crime Prevention

While outdoor cameras and security camera's purpose is designed to prevent crime, elders are particularly more vulnerable than other age groups.  About 13 percent of incidents of burglary, theft and fraud were committed against people 65 years old or older in 2017. The assumption that older people are less physically capable to fight off a burglar and that their homes are not equipped with the latest tech causes an increase in burglary among senior's homes.

Installing a security camera can help equip their home with safety tech to assist them in falling victim to these kind of situations. Having outdoor and indoor cameras can help battle against seeing who is on their property or lurking around in the yard before disaster strikes. Most security systems like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera offer a phone application to help see a live feed that will notify you when motion is detected outside. These notifications can be open up the live feed to see any intruders coming toward the house and signal off an alarm or emergency call to prevent further entry. Video doorbells can also be a big help to directly see who on their front porch through their smart phone to avoid those posing as a maintenance worker or a salesman can help deter answering the door to a potential burglar. Taking extra precautions with a doorbell camera any time anyone in at the front porch can be an important habit to implement for seniors.

Indoor Cameras to Help Senior Living

2. Peace of Mind

If you’re the child of your elderly parents, it’s likely you’re worried about their health and safety when you’re away from the house. With a door bell camera, you can check your phone to see the live feed or recorded videos to see them leave and come home so that you can monitor their whereabouts and getting back home safely. Being able to monitor this through a phone application from where ever you are is a great peace of mind to always feels connected to the senior when you need to.  Features like two-way audio can even make it so you can speak to your parent at any time through your phone to say hello quickly or let them know if you’re coming over. Having this peace of mind of knowing you can click the live feed and check in at any time will help you and the senior feel more comfortable in your living space.

3. Help provide medical assistance

In case of an emergency, security cameras can also help provide medical assistance to make a quick action when an incident strikes. Indoor security cameras, like the Toucan camera, capture activity based on motion detection which signals notifications to a users phone. When receiving this notification, you can check the live feed and see if an incident has occurred. Most security cameras provide an emergency call feature so you can call 911 or another emergency contact if you see the residence needs assistance through the live feed. During this time, the option to place a call to provide assistance and then use two-way audio to let the resident know help is coming.

4. Help seniors maintain independence

Many seniors don’t want to move to a dependent living home or a nursing home. It’s hard for elders to come to terms with their health and feel more dependent than they are used to. With a security camera system, they can continue living in their current home independently while still being monitored and feeling safe. For a child of an elder and the elder itself, there is a greater peace of mind that if anything happens then the security cameras could capture it before it happens and staying safe where the elder is most comfortable.


Wireless Outdoor Camera - Senior Living

5. Help monitor as a nanny cam

If the elder has a caregiver who regular tends to the home during the day, using an indoor security camera as a nanny cam can help monitor the activity that goes on. Unfortunately, elder abuse affects approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60+. A wireless outdoor camera or video doorbell placed outside can be a great help to monitor the times the caregiver is in an out of the property and their activity outside of the home. Using indoor security cameras placed throughout the home can help monitor the caregiver activity when tending directly to the elder to ensure the elder is being properly treated.

Home Security Cost:

Depending on what kind of security camera you’re looking for will determine the cost. Wireless security cameras like the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera start at $79.99. Other wireless outdoor cameras range from $99 to $199. If you want a wired security camera, the price can range between $100 - $200.  If you’re looking for a doorbell camera, the price can range between $89.99 - $180. The Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell is on the lower end price at $89.99 which includes a wire-free chime to alert the elder when someone is at the door. When looking at home security costs, it’s also important to consider the subscription cost per month with the features you want.

Some features to look for with senior living security purposes includes instant notifications when motion is detected, long recorded video, shared user access for the family to have connection to the camera, and custom emergency contact calls. Some security cameras include a free plan but most of the cameras need a subscription plan for additional services. Subscription plans start at $2.99 to $9.99.

Check out our blog post for a full review of the subscription plans here.

For more information on home security tips, check out our blog weekly to see new updates and tips on how to further protect your home and loved ones.

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